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Dr Hans-Rudolf Weiss


Independent Researcher

Dr Hans-Rudolf Weiss has been working for some time as a consultant for a rehabilitation hospital specializing in spinal deformites, trunk deformities and pains, and he currently cares for patients in his specialty in his private practice.

He serves on the board of various journals including Pediatric Rehabilitation (Taylor & Francis), Scoliosis (Founding Editor-in-Chief) and BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. He has also served on the board of the International Research Society for Spinal Deformities (IRSSD) and the Society on Spinal Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT). He is currently a senior board member of the Schroth Best Practice Academy.

He is the inventor and developer of new comfortable brace designs such as the physio-logic™ brace, the spondylogic™ brace, the kyphologic™ brace, Chêneau light™, the Gensingen brace™ and the Spinealite™, and is also the inventor and developer of new approaches of physical therapy such as physio-logic™ exercises, 3D-made-easy, specific ADL approaches, Schroth Best Practice, and De-Tethering exercises.

Hans-Rudolf's paper 'Is natural history changed by SpineCor treatment during pubertal growth spurt in girls with IS?' was awarded best clinical paper at the 6th biannual meeting of the International Research Society for Spinal Deformities (IRSSD) in Vancouver, Canada, in 2004.

He was the guest editor of special issues of various publications on spinal deformities, including Pediatric Rehabilitation 6 (2003), Physical Therapy - Theory and Practice 1 (2011), Current Pediatric Reviews Vol. 12 (2016) and the Open Orthopedic Journal Vol. 11 (2017). He has more than 500 publications to his credit, including 10 books in German and English, and 100 listings in Pub Med.