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Dr Hamed Taherdoost

Leadership and Information Systems

Hamta Group

Hamed Taherdoost holds a PhD in computer science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, an MSc in information security, and a BSc in the science of power electricity. With over 17 years of experience in both industry and academia, Hamed is an industry leader in the fields of management and IT. Currently, he is CEO at Hamta Group/Hamta Business Solutions Sdn Bhd, CTO at an IT company, Asanware Sdn Bhd, and is also the industry and academic advisor of Research Club and Hamta Academy

Hamed specialises in business management and information technology management. He started his career in 2001 as a designer and programmer in Tablokar, a leading switchgear panel manufacturer in the Middle East. He has subsequently worked in IT transformation, systems analysis, and user experience analysis, and has held positions as varied as business advisor, project manager, executive manager, academic advisor, director of product strategy and operations, operations manager, and CEO at international companies in Cyprus, the UK, Belize, Iran, and Malaysia such as at Ahoora Ltd, a management consultation group, and at Simurgh Pvt, an international trade company.

Aside from his experience in industry, he also has numerous outstanding achievements in academia. Hamed has published more than 120 scientific articles in international journals and conference proceedings, as well as six books. His academic employment started in 2009 when he became a lecturer at IAU and Payam Noor University. Moreover, he serves as an advisory board member and reviewer for many international journals, and has organised and chaired numerous conferences and conference sessions respectively. He is a senior member of the IEEE and member of many other professional bodies.

Hamed's research and industry interests are in management of information systems, technology acceptance, information security, information technology management, web service quality and security, performance evaluation, project management, business management, leadership, and manufacturing strategies.