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Dr Haitao He

Transportation Engineering

ETH Zürich

Dr Haitao He has been a researcher and lecturer at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, since 2013, where he pursued a PhD in transportation engineering. He uses quantitative and analytical methods to conduct research on road transportation science, with a focus on how to leverage disruptive transport technologies to build sustainable cities.

Haitao holds a Master's degree from the University of Cambridge in sustainable engineering, and a Bachelor degree from the National University of Singapore in physics and mathematics. He has received his education in five different countries, and during this time he has witnessed urban sprawl in Los Angeles and cities in China, as well as good examples of sustainable development in Zurich and Singapore.

He sees sustainable development as a global challenge, and his ultimate vision is to build sustainable cities. From all the cities he has lived in, it is evident that their sustainability is shaped by their transportation systems, which are the backbone of infrastructure and provide the fundamental services for access and mobility. He believes disruptive transport technologies such as smart infrastructure, connected and autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and big data analytics will be the drivers of change in the future of urban transportation. He considers this both an opportunity and a challenge. To him, the key lies in how society will harness new technologies to generate positive change, shape lives, and transform the transportation system to a more sustainable state.

Haitao addresses this global challenge with his research, which has been published in top research journals such as Transportation Research Part A, B, and C. He has also presented papers at leading conferences including the International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory and the Transportation Research Board annual meeting.