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Dr Grzegorz Sierpiński

Traffic Engineering

Silesian University of Technology

Dr Grzegorz Sierpiński obtained an MSc (Eng) degree in Technical Sciences, specializing in Traffic Engineering, from the Silesian University of Technology, Poland, in 2002, and later received his PhD degree in Construction, specializing in Traffic Engineering, from the Institute of Civil Engineering at Wrocław University of Technology, Poland, in 2007. He has been working in the Department of Traffic Engineering within the Faculty of Transport at the Silesian University of Technology as an Assistant Professor since 2007. In 2018, he received his DSc (doctor of science) in the field: technical sciences, in the scientific discipline of transport. Currently, he is working at the Silesian University of Technology as an Associate Professor.

He is the author and co-author of almost 200 articles published—among other outlets—in technical journals and post-conference monographs released in Poland and abroad. His professional experience includes more then 15 contract works in the field of transportation. His scientific interests combine the problems of road traffic engineering (including traffic analysis and prognosis, transport systems modeling and optimization of the transport networks) with the development of commuting behaviour in cities.

Grzegorz's publications include "Automated large capacity multi-story garage—Concept and modeling of client service processes" (with Pypno Cz.) in Automation in Construction (2017); "Technologically advanced and responsible travel planning assisted by GT Planner" in Contemporary Challenges of Transport Systems and Traffic Engineering. Lecture Notes in Network and Systems vol. 2 (2017); and "Sustainable development of the transport system through rationalization of transport tasks using a specialised travel planner" (with Celiński I. and Staniek M.) in Transport Infrastructure and Systems (2017).

He is a member of the Polish Association of Transport Telematics and an Editorial Board member of a few international journals. He is also the chairman of the organizing committee of the scientific conference "Transportation Systems. Theory and Practice" ( He also received awards from the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology for his scientific achievements (in 2008 and 2017) and for organizational activities (in 2011).