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Dr Grzegorz Drożdż

Cognitive Linguistics

University of Silesia

Dr Grzegorz Drożdż, PhD, works at the Institute of English at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. His research area covers cognitive linguistics, with such specific theories as cognitive grammar, the cognitive theory of metaphor and metonymy (CMT, CMyT), and the theory of image schemas. In his work, he applies the notions and analytical tools offered by these theories to produce a cognitive-based account of English grammar.

He has devoted a series of articles to the issue of temporal and aspectual constructions (e.g. “Perceptual foundations of English temporal and aspectual constructions”). He is currently working on countability and uncountability in English, discussed most exhaustively in his monograph The Puzzle of Un(Countability) in English. A Study in Cognitive Grammar.

His research also concerns metaphor and metonymy, both from a theoretical (e.g. “The Development of the Theory of Metonymy in Cognitive Linguistics”), and analytical perspective (e.g. “Metaforyka zwierzęca w dyskursie biznesowym na przykładzie macierzy BGK”, “Metaphor as a persuasive tool in business strategy”).

Drawing on his extensive experience as a teacher of English, he applies the descriptive tools proposed within cognitive grammar to foreign language pedagogy (“Cognitive Grammar Tools in Teaching English Tenses – the Case of Present Perfect”, “Druga rewolucja kognitywna jako szansa w nauczaniu języków obcych w dobie globalizacji”).