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Dr Sc Grigoriy Konson


Russian State Social University

Grigoriy Rafaelevich Konson is a well-known researcher throughout Russia and Eastern European countries with 36 years' experience. He originally acquired artistic recognition in Russia and abroad as a virtuoso violinist and singer (countertenor).

In 1997—at the age of 15—he entered the Russian Gnesin’s Academy of Music without any secondary special music education. In 2002 he graduated with honors in violin, then, in 2004, he graduated from the same institutions' music and performing postgraduate course with honors as a violinist and as a singer (countertenor). He later graduated with honors from his postgraduate research study. His PhD thesis was on G.F. Handel’s Tragic Oratorio, and he was awarded with his academic degree in 2007.

Grigoriy is a historian and theoretician of science and a broad-minded humanist. He holds a Doctor of Science in Art History (2011) and, for the first time in the history of Russian Art History, his doctoral thesis considered the methods of holistic [integral] analysis of literary texts.

He has been Professor and Vice-Dean for Research of the Linguistic Faculty at the Russian State Social University (RSSU); leading researcher at the GITR Film & Television School; member the Russian Council Advisory Board (since 2015), the Federal Register of Experts in the Field of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (since 2013), the National Center of Technology and Science of Kazakhstan (since 2017), and the Academic Council for DSc and PhD theses at L.V. Sobinov Saratov State Conservatory (since 2012).

Grigoriy is the author of five academic monographs and over 125 academic papers, 66 of which were published in leading Russian foreign and peer-reviewed academic journals, on topics such as problems of Western European ancient music, methodology of Soviet musicology, humanities scholar education in Russia and abroad, and the psychology of art (using the examples of masterpieces of music, theater, literature, poetry, painting, and sculpture).

He has overseen two PhD theses in Art History and one Doctor of Science in Art History thesis as well as a number of diploma projects. He has also organized 16 academic conferences and congresses, and has taken part by way of reports and master classes at 75 international and all-Russian conferences.

Grigoriy is also the author and general project manager of one of the Russian Federation's largest annual academic events in humanities — the international academic conference "Art Studies in the Context of Other Sciences in Russia and Abroad: Parallels and Interactions" (2009-present). In 2015, the conference was supported by a Russian Foundation for Humanities grant and, in 2017, by a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.