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Professor Giovanni Iamartino

English Studies

University of Milan

Giovanni Iamartino is Full Professor of English at the University of Milan, Italy, where he is the current head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and teaches the History of English and Middle English Literature. His main research interests focus on the history of English lexicography and linguistic codification, translation studies and the history of translation, and the history of Anglo-Italian relations. He has been PI of three biennial national research projects in these and related areas, and currently co-chairs HoLLT, an international research network for the History of Language Learning and Teaching.

His publications in the field of lexicography and codification include papers and book chapters on The Ladies Dictionary (1694), an anonymous Dictionary of Love (1753), Samuel Johnson’s dictionary (1755), Giuseppe Baretti’s English-Italian dictionary (1760), and James Willson’s The Soldier’s Pocket-Dictionary (1794). He has also published a survey of bilingual English-Italian lexicography (1550-1750), and co-edited both a collection of papers on Johnson’s dictionary and a book with Cambridge Scholars titled Words and Dictionaries from the British Isles in Historical PerspectiveHis most recent publications include two co-edited collection of essays titled Late Modern English Norms and Usage (2016) and Towards a History of the English Normative Tradition (2016), and an essay on “Lexicography, or the Gentle Art of Making Mistakes” (2017).

As far as translation studies and the history of translation are concerned, Giovanni has published a monograph on Giuseppe Nicolini, a 19th-century Italian translator of English authors and edited a collection of essays on the impact of translation on the evolution of the English language. He has also published essays on the late 19th-century Italian translations of Lord Byron’s works, John Florio as a translator of Montaigne’s Essais, and the late 17th-century English translation of Harvey’s De Motu Cordis. His more methodologically-oriented essays include two papers on neologisms in literary texts and their translations, and on bilingual dictionaries as an aid to translators. Most recently, he has been working on 17th-century English translations from Italian historians, with a special focus on the role played by paratexts in translated works.

A Corresponding Fellow of the English Association, and an elected member of the International Association of University Professors of English and the Samuel Johnson Society of North America, Giovanni is the current Chair of the AIA (the Italian Society for English Studies).