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Dr Fiona Skillen

Sports History

Glasgow Caledonian University

Fiona Skillen is a lecturer in History in the School of Business and Society at Glasgow Caledonian University.

She has published extensively in the area of sports history, and in particular her work has focused on aspects of sports participation in relation to gender, media, politics and policy. She is particularly interested in the influence which dominant discourses concerning gender and modernity have had on women’s popular culture and participation in sport, and her more recent work has been in the area of sports heritage. 

Fiona's monograph Women, Sport and Modernity (Peter Lang, 2013), which was developed from her PhD research, emphasises a new way of looking at women's sporting history by examining 'sites of participation': places such as schools, work places and municipal provision in addition to the more traditional focus on clubs and sports institutions. In doing so her work highlights the ways in which sport was integrated in to women's everyday lives and also provides a clearer understanding of the development of many popular contemporary sports such as tennis, golf and hockey.

Fiona has held various roles in the Society of Sports History, most recently as Chair.