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Dr Fátima Martín-Hernández


University Complutense of Madrid

Fatima Martin-Hernandez obtained her physics degree from the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain) in 1997. She went on to earn her PhD in rock magnetism and magnetic fabrics at the Federal Politecnical Institute of Zurich (Switzerland) in 2002, under the direction of Prof W. Lowrie and Prof Ann Hirt. During her doctorate, she developed mathematical methods to separate magnetic sub fabrics through several physical techniques and the acquisition and development of magnetic fabrics. She also worked on determining magnetic anisotropy single crystal properties in common paramagnetic phases such as phyllosilicates and micas. 

After a first postdoctoral experience in Switzerland she worked for 3 years at the Paleomagnetic Laboratory of Utrecht University with a further extension of her work into the separation of magnetic sub fabrics analysis. She then moved to Madrid, where her work continued to focus on the magnetic fabric and magnetic properties of single crystals. Since then, she has been working in Madrid as a lecturer, and is part of the paleomagnetic group involved in archaemagnetism, paleomagnetism, rock magnetism and environment studies. She is currently working on two main research lines, the first being an extensive characterization of the most common magnetic carriers in archaeomagnetic materials. Lately, she has also moved to rock magnetic environmental studies as part of a multidisciplinary research project on the paleoclimatic characterization of early hominids from Atapuerca. Her research interests have also been extended into a further development of the mathematical modeling of magnetic anomalies at regional level, including magnetic anisotropy of structure.