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Dr Fatih Şen


Dumlupinar University

Dr Fatih Şen obtained his PhD degree from the Department of Chemistry at the Middle East Technical University, Turkey, in 2012, and he worked for in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT, USA, for around two years. He is now an Associate Professor in Biochemistry at Dumlupinar University, Turkey.

Major research programmes in his research group cover the areas of hydrogen energy and nanotechnological applications, renewable energy sources and inorganic fuel cells, direct alcohol fuel cells and nanocatalysts, biofuel cells and their biotechnological applications, thermopower waves and energy generation, DNA and carbon nanotube-based nano-biosensors and in-vivo applications, conductive polymer-supported nanocatalysts and their energy applications, electrochemical biosensors and nano-bor chemistry.

Fatih has several research incentives and young scientist awards, such as the 2015 Science Academy Young Scientist Award, 2015 Fevzi Akkaya Eser Tumen Research Incentive Award, 2014 METU Parlar Foundation Research Incentive Award, and 2014 11th Serhat Ozyar Young Scientist Honour Award. He has published over 80 papers and 5 new patents.