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Dr Faith Eidse

Comparative Literature

Barry University

Faith Eidse, PhD, is a Barry University (USA) English and Humanities professor, and senior editor at the Florida Department of Health, where she teaches a popular writing series that is video-conferenced and streamed statewide. A global nomad, she also co-edited Unrooted Childhoods: Memoirs of Growing Up Global (now a Princeton University textbook), and Writing Out of Limbo: International Childhoods, Global Nomads and Third Culture Kids (Cambridge Scholars Publishing).

Born in the Belgian Congo to a Canadian linguist and "the other Mother Teresa", who brought leprosy treatment to southwest Congo, Faith grew up with three sisters, Hope, Charity and Grace, in Congo, Canada and the USA. She won the Kingsbury Award for her memoir writing, an oral history award for "Voices of the Apalachicola", and published a biography of her parents, Light the World. After six years volunteering in women's prisons of northwest Florida, she has completed a forthcoming novel, Healing Falls.