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Dr Eyal Lewin

Political Psychology

Ariel University

Eyal Lewin is Chair of the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies at Ariel University, Israel. He is also a research fellow at the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa, Israel, where he manages the implementation and analyses of a nationwide annual longitudinal survey. In addition, he serves as Academic Advisor for the MA program at the National Security College of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

His books and papers concentrate on the political psychology of national resilience. His monographs are Blaming the Jews for Acting like Nazis: The Rhetoric of Holocaust Inversion (2017, Edwin Mellen); Ethos Clash in Israeli society (2014, Lexington); National Resilience during War: Refining the Decision-Making Model (2012, Lexington); and Patriotism: Insights from Israel (2010, Cambria).

Eyal discovered his interest in political science while serving as a personal assistant for a member of the Israeli parliament and head of department in the Jewish Agency, closely encountering political activities in Israel as well as abroad. Before he completed his PhD studies at the University of Haifa, he managed a private company for business development and the training of marketing managers.