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Dr Engy Victor

Medical Parasitology

Menoufia University

Dr Engy Beshay is a Senior Lecturer of Medical Parasitology in the Faculty of Medicine at Menoufia University, Egypt, where she graduated and received her Bachelor's degree in general Medicine and Surgery, as well as her MSc and MD degrees in Medical Parasitology. She has been a member of the Egyptian Parasitologists United Society since 2007.

In her research work, she focuses on the development of new therapeutics for the parasitic diseases of medical importance and global burdens such as schistosomiasis and toxoplasmosis. She is also concerned with studying the evolution of parasites and their morphological ultrastructure and molecular phylogenetic analysis, as the more we understand our enemies, the more we can fight them. She is also interested in studying the influence of parasitic infections on the immune system and the possible role of parasites in the development of diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Additionally, she is working on the development of novel diagnostic methods for some parasitic diseases.

Engy's research papers have been published and accepted for publication in journals of good repute such as the Journal of Helminthology and Experimental Parasitology. As a Lecturer of Parasitology, she is looking forward to publishing books in Medical Parasitology for undergraduate and postgraduate students through which they can gain their intended learning outcomes of knowledge and practical and intellectual skills simultaneously.