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Professor Driss Bouyahya

Religious Communication

Moulay Ismail University

Professor Driss Bouyahya holds a PhD in Political Islam and Political Communication. He is currently an Associate Professor at Moulay Ismail University in Meknes, Morocco. He holds two Master's degrees: one in Applied Linguistics from Phoenix University, USA, and another in Political Islam and Communication from Moulay Ismail University. His fields of interest are communication, intercultural communication, inter-faith communication, religious studies, Islamic arts and cultural studies.

He has published several papers in international journals and books, including on dualism in Al-Farabi's philosophy (in Semiotica), Islam as an ideology (in the European Scientific Journal), Islam-oriented parties' self-censorship and self-epresentation on the internet (in the Lexia Journal of Semiotics) and Islam-oriented parties' ideological orientations and communication (with Cambridge Scholars Publishing).

His current projects include a book on materiality and technology in the three Ibrahamic religious worship spaces, Islamic civilizations and their aesthetic representations, dualism in Al-Farabi's philosophy, and Moroccan Amazigh Jews' music.