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Dr Dongjin Jang

Condensed Matter Physics

Max Planck Institute

Dongjin Jang received a PhD in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics at Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea, in 2010. His specialities are sample synthesis, micro-fabrication and measurement of physical properties at an extremely low temperature. With these skills, he has organized or participated in both curiosity-driven and application-oriented research. In a broader sense, he is interested in various kinds of correlated electron systems exhibiting magnetism, superconductivity (SC), quantum criticality, or notable magnetocaloric effect (MCE). His latest study was about understanding novel phenomena in multipolar heavy-fermion systems by analysing MCE.

He has also participated in an investigation of enhanced superconductivity around a charge density wave type quantum critical point (QCP), an interesting study due to the fact that SC around non-magnetic QCP is very rarely observed. The application-oriented study is about finding a new metallic paramagnet for magnetic cooling devices which do not contain 3He. This work has been motivated by the fact that 3He, which is essential for experiments at an extremely low temperature, is being depleted. Indeed, Dongjin and his colleagues discovered a novel intermetallic paramagnet and built prototype adiabatic demagnetization refrigerators, the base temperatures of which are even lower than those of 3He cryostats.