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Dr Carmen Dominte

Literary Theory

National University of Music Bucharest

Carmen Dominte is a lecturer of Professional English for Music in the Department of Musicology and Musical Education Studies at the National University of Music in Bucharest, Romania. She defended her PhD in Literary Theory in 2010 with the thesis 'The Absurd as an Existential Adventure between Modernism and Postmodernism (A Typology for the Absurd Character)'. Her scientific interests belong to poetics and literary theory, cultural studies, theatre and film studies and musicology.

Her papers 'The Search for Identity in Dystopian Literature'; 'Outstripping and Foreshortening as Literary Possibilities of Contextualization'; 'Auctorial Image and Representation as Forms of Identity in Renaissance Time'; 'The Stage as the Chronotope of Memory'; 'The Inter-textual Imaginary'; 'The Invisible City as a Possible World'; 'Golden Section as a Sacred Symbol'; 'Travel Writings as Means of Intercultural Translation'; 'The Inter-Semiotic Negotiation between the Literary and the Cinematographic Image'; 'The Possible World as a Metaphor of Fictional Existence'; 'The Image of History as a Playground'; 'The Hero-Heroine As Image and Representation of the Androgyne'; and 'Learning Vocabulary Using Visual and Logical Encoding' have been published in important international scientific reviews.

As a playwright she is a member of the artistic council of the Playwrights Theatre in Bucharest and a member of the Romanian Writers Union, Department of Playwriting. Her plays have been staged in different national theatres and recorded for national radio, including Bye-Bye America, The Magic World, An Exercise of Equilibrium, Paparin’s World, Paganini Does Not Live Here Anymore, I Know This Is Not What You Want to Hear, The Billboard Moon, and Good Night, Mr. Tuesday.