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Professor Dinesh Kumar

Inorganic Chemistry

Central University of Gujarat

Dr Dinesh Kumar is an academician and researcher in the School of Chemical Sciences at the Central University of Gujarat, India. He joined the Central University of Gujarat as an Associate Professor in 2017. Prior to this, he taught at Banasthali University, India, as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry from 2007 to 2011, and as an Associate Professor of Chemistry from 2011 to 2017. He obtained his Master's and PhD degrees in chemistry from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Rajasthan, India.

Dinesh has taught theory and practical classes of chemistry at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. His primary areas of teaching are coordination chemistry, chemistry of s-, p-, d-, and f-block elements, group theory, photoinorganic chemistry, nanochemistry, organometallic chemistry, and spectroscopic methods in inorganic chemistry. He has actively taken part in the development of course curricula for BSc and MSc classes in both theory as well as practical, and helped to build a new Master's  of Technology (MTech) course in Nanotechnology at Banasthali University, India. He has served as a member of the Academic Council, Board of Studies in Chemistry at the Central University of Gujarat and Banasthali University (2007-2017).

He has received many national awards and fellowships including young scientist awards, excellent speaker awards, young researcher award at national and international conferences, the CSIR-HRDG fellowship, departmental scholarship from the Department of Chemistry (UoR), and University Fellowship of the University of Rajasthan. He has given online radio telecasts on Banasthali radio, and has been an invited speaker for a World Academy of Sciences workshop in Trieste, Italy.

Dinesh's research interest focuses on the development of capped nanoparticles, core-shell, metal oxide-based nanoadsorbents, and nanosensors for the removal and sensing of health hazardous inorganic toxicants like fluoride and heavy metal ions from aqueous media. His research interests also focus on the synthesis of supramolecular metal complexes, metal chelates and searching their biological effectiveness.

He has authored more than 70 publications in journals of international repute, one book, and more than two dozen book chapters. He has delivered more than 25 invited lectures and over 30 oral and poster presentations in national and international conferences and symposia. He has organized eight conferences and symposia under the direction of senior faculty members of the Department of Chemistry at Banasthali University.

Dinesh has supervised 13 PhD students, and four students are working for their PhD degree under his supervision. He has completed one major UGC research project (2011-2014), three minor DST research projects, and one major MHRD research project is also ongoing with him as co-PI, and he has also been associated as co-PI in a major DST research project awarded to Banasthali University under the title 'Women Technology Park (WTP)' on the subject 'Defluoridation with activated biomaterials'.

He is connected with various academic societies as a life member, including the Indian Council of Chemists, the Indian Chemical Society, the Indian Science Congress Association, the Green Chemistry Network Centre, the Department of Chemistry at the University of Delhi, and the Materials Research Society of India.

In addition, he has been serving as an Editor Member of the International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews, India, and has reviewed many articles for the Journal of Coordination Chemistry, the Arabian Journal of Chemistry, the Chemical Society of Ethiopia, the Journal of Hazardous Materials, Microchemical Journals, the New Journal of Chemistry and others .