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Dr David Mathew

Educational Development

University of Bedfordshire

Dr David Mathew works in the Centre for Learning Excellence at the University of Bedfordshire, UK, and as an independent researcher and writer. His wide areas of interest include psychoanalysis, language, linguistics, distance learning, prisons, applications of care and anti-care, anxiety and online anxiety.

He is the author of Fragile Learning: The Influence of Anxiety (Karnac Books) and The Care Factory (Cambridge Scholars). A third book – Psychic River: Storms and Safe Ports in Lifelong Learning – will follow in 2019 (also with Cambridge Scholars). He is also the author of four full-length works of fiction (three novels and a volume of short stories), and three further books (two novels and a volume of short stories) have been commissioned by Montag Press.

In addition to his writing, he edits the Journal of Pedagogic Development and teaches academic writing. He particularly enjoys lecturing in foreign countries.

For leisure, he enjoys time with his wife and dog and listening to music (particularly post-bop, fusion and post-rock).