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Dr Çiğdem Üstün

European Union Studies


Çiğdem Üstün holds a PhD in European Studies from the University of Limerick, Ireland, on the comparison of EU and Turkish security cultures. She got her associate profesorship in 2014 in EU Studies, and is currently affiliated with the Association of Development, Migration and Social Policies (DEMIS), Turkey. Her research interests are primarily in EU-Turkey relations and EU-Turkey neighbourhood policies.

Her authored and co-authored publications include 'Turkey's Policies in its Overlapping Neighbourhood with Russia and the EU' in Security in Shared Neighbourhoods Foreign Policy of Russia, Turkey and the EU (2016); 'Global Governance and International Security Organizations: The OSCE and NATO' in Multilateralism in Global Governance Formal and Informal Institutions (2016); 'Regional Cooperation Efforts in the Black Sea Region: Black Sea Synergy' in Blue Black Sea: New Dimensions of History, Security, Strategy, Energy and Economy (2013); 'Turkish Political Elite Perceptions on Security' in Debating Security in Turkey Challenges and Changes in the Twenty-First Century (2012); Turkey and European Security Defence Policy: Compatibility and Security Cultures in a Globalised World (2010); 'Europeanisation of Foreign Policy: The Case of Turkish Foreign Policy towards the Black Sea Region' in the Journal of Southeast Europe and Black Sea Studies (2010); and The European Neighbourhood Policy and the Southern Mediterranean: Drawing from the Lessons of Enlargement (2009).