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Christopher Hsu

Law and Finance

Goethe University Frankfurt

Christopher Hsu is a PhD Candidate in the Law and Economics of Money and Finance at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. He has also been a Doctoral Scholar funded by the Foundation of Monetary Stability and the Association of Capital Market Research in Germany.

Previously, he obtained his MSc in Law and Finance at the University of Oxford (Faculty of Law and Saïd Business School), where he was awarded the BNY Mellon Prize. His research on the trust industry has been published in a leading peer-reviewed journal. Christopher has also studied law and business in the USA, Germany, and Greater China.

In addition, he has undertaken a research project with a grant from the Taiwanese government and worked at leading international law and consulting firms in the UK, Germany, and Greater China. Christopher is also a Coordinator and Expert for the Finance, Law, and Economics Working Group at the Institute for New Economic Thinking.