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Professor Christo Kaftandjiev


Sofia University

Christo Kaftandjiev is Professor, PhD and doctor habilis in advertising, semiotics and marketing communications in the Faculty of Journalism at Sofia University, Bulgaria, and at Tomsk State University, Russia. He specialized in Holland (CITO Institute); UK (Westminster University); Ireland (Dublin Institute of Technology) and in Moscow (Moscow State University).

He is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Journalism at Sofia University and Chair of the faculty's Communication, PR and Advertising Department. He is also Vice Rector for international relationships at the Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University, Kazakhstan.

His courses are on the general theory of advertising; intercultural aspects of marketing communications, packaging design, merchandising communications, digital marketing communications, creativity and advertising; communicative strategies of advertising; advertising campaigns; semiotics and advertising; visual communication and advertising; corporate architecture; and integrated marketing communications. He also takes specialized courses on the marketing communications of different products and services, including the marketing communications of fashion, wines and spirits, books, cars, food, financial services; tourism; telecommunications; and B2B marketing communications.

All of his courses are prepared in English in multimedia formats. They are highly visualized with many of the world's best print ads; commercials; events; film excerpts; etc. One of the reasons for this is that he has extensive databases, updated weekly, with several thousands of ads, commercials and other marketing communications.

Christo is the author of many scientific articles and nine books on these topics, namely: The Language of Advertising. Graphics and Text; Visual Communications; The Texts of Print Advertising; Harmony in Advertising Communication; The Images of Women in Advertising; Absolut Semiotics; Sex and Violence in Advertising; Heroes and Beauties in Advertising; Mythological Archetypes in Advertising; and Integrated Marketing Communications.

He is a Visiting Professor and regular lecturer in numerous countries across Europe as well as the USA, Mexico and China, among others. He has been a (keynote) speaker at three IAA (International Advertising Association) world congresses in Mexico, Egypt and Lebanon; three world congresses on semiotics in Germany, Mexico and Bulgaria; and at many seminars, advertising festivals, business seminars and specialized trade shows.

Christo is editor in chief of the American Journal of Linguistics, and is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Marketing Semiotics; the Journal of Social Sciences Studies; Advances in Sociology; Social Sciences; and the Russian Journal of Retail Management.