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Dr Chandrasekhar Potluri

Applied Science

Mercedes-Benz Research

Dr Chandrasekhar Potluri earned his BE in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering at Andhra University, India, in 2009, his MS in Measurement and Control System Engineering from Idaho State University (ISU), USA, in 2010, and his PhD in Engineering and Applied Science from ISU in 2013.

Chandrasekhar is currently working as a Senior Specialist at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America in Redford, Michigan. In this role, he is responsible for model-based controls, multi-core embedded architecture design, ISO 26262 compliant software development for power electronics, and control of electric motors. His department is responsible for delivering electric motor controls and power electronics software for the entire Daimler AG hybrid vehicle portfolio. He is also responsible for architecting Cyber Threat Resilient eDrive Architecture for Mercedes-Benz autonomous vehicles, a $3 million initiative between Mercedes-Benz and Idaho National Laboratory.

Prior to his appointment at Mercedes-Benz Research, he worked as a Lead Doctoral Research Assistant in the Smart Prosthetic Hand Development Project at ISU’s Measurement and Control Engineering Research Center, funded by the Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center of the United States Army Medical Research and Material Command. As a Lead Doctoral Research Assistant at ISU, Chandrasekhar gave a presentation of his work at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory which resulted in research collaboration between Johns Hopkins and ISU.

Chandrasekhar also works as a research fellow at ISU, where is instrumental in securing funding to develop artificial intelligence-based risk estimation algorithms from ON Semiconductor and Mercedes-Benz Technology. For his research contributions, ISU awarded him the Outstanding Doctoral Student award in 2012 and the Academic Excellence Award in 2013. In recognition of his services and efforts to the Idaho community, Chandrasekhar was nominated as an Honorary Affiliate Research Professor for the School of Engineering at ISU.

He currently has a patent pending on Modular Software Safety Architecture for Electric Vehicles and has 32 publications to his name, which include journals and international conference proceedings. He is also serving as an honorary industry consultant for the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth, where he assists the department in preparing research proposals to secure funding.

Chandrasekhar is an elected Senior IEEE Member and well-known in the field of Automotive Cyber Security, and he was invited as the keynote speaker for Cyber Secure Car Japan (2017); the 4th Annual Automotive Cyber Security Summit (2016) and the IEEE Embedded Systems Workshop (2016), and as the distinguished speaker for the 5th Annual Automotive Cyber Security Summit. He has been interviewed by Automotive IQ magazine as a cyber security expert about the “Current Landscape of the Automotive Cyber Security”. Dr. Potluri is a member of the technical program committee for the IEEE International Symposium for Resilient Control System and has been a reviewer for about 25 international conferences and journals.