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Dr Brian Edwards

Modern British Literature

Kishwaukee College

Dr Brian Edwards is the author of Mood Spectrum in Graham Greene: 1929-1949, derived in part from Kay Redfield Jamison’s work on genius and manic-depressive illness. He has also written articles and reviews on new psychologies and other modern British authors, including D.H. Lawrence and Evelyn Waugh, for publication in such journals as Style and Interdisciplinary Studies. He is presently engaged in a study of mood spectrums in Fyodor Dostoevsky, Joseph Conrad, and Virginia Woolf and a second monograph on Graham Greene: Mood Spectrum in Greene’s Postcolonial Period, 1950-1969, which demonstrates the progressive nature of manic depression and the evolving social milieu that contributed to both Greene’s illness and his artifacts. Brian currently teaches in Illinois, USA.