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Bedadyuti Mohanty


Independent Researcher

Bedadyuti Mohanty completed his Master's in Biotechnology at SRM University, Chennai, India, where he was awarded as gold medalist as first rank holder. He has research experience in the fields of plant tissue culture, hybridisation, and agricultural waste management, with a particular focus on phytotherapy. He has published work in these research fields.

His research focuses on the conservation of therapeutically important traditional plants and herbs and to derive their medicinal properties and screen the efficiency of those properties in the treatment of human diseases.

Bedadyuti's previous work during his Master's involved conservative approaches towards a medicinal plant, Artemisia nilagirica, by introducing micropropagation techniques. His dissertation work involved the screening of major Indian spices for their pharmacological validation in the treatment of dementia.

He has served as a reviewer and is currently gaining experience in editing scientific documents. He has completed many online certified writing courses from reputed universities, including Stanford University.