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Awad Alharbi

Hospitality and Tourism

Buraidah College of Technology

Awad Alharbi is presently a senior lecturer and researcher at Buraidah College of Technology, Saudi Arabia. He joined the institution in 2003, since which time he has held multiple cross-functional, administrative, academic and liaison roles and been conferred with prestigious awards for prolific results. He has researched, authored and published over 10 distinguished papers with leading international journals (including journals published by IEEE) in the areas of information technology, electronic and mobile government, commerce, health and business administration, and knowledge management.

He is an alumnus of Heriot-Watt University, UK, and holds two postgraduate degrees in Information Technology and Business Management Administration. During his career at Buraidah College of Technology, he has been lauded for his role in leading students from novices to distinguished professionals with wide-ranging research skills. Through his conference presentations, he has also created links and partnerships between Buraidah College of Technology and other reputable tertiary institutions, industrial firms, and governments in Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Turkey and beyond.

Awad has emerged as a leading entrepreneur in Saudi Arabia with interests in hospitality and tourism. He has earned a reputation among leading industrialists, entrepreneurs and high net worth venture capitalists for his knowledge and experience in business negotiations, strategic investments and operational cost cutting and recovery. He has undertaken multiple training courses both in Saudi Arabia and abroad with key leading national and international institutions. His focus was primarily on mineral companies, dates academies and the Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Abdul Aziz Program for Societal Development, in the hope that he would be able to share his skills and expertise back in his homeland.

His research skill sets have been evidenced by the numerous policies and strategies he has formulated for many developing entities in Saudi Arabia’s private sector. For instance, he has researched, authored and developed corporate social responsibility strategy policies for three companies in Saudi Arabia.