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Professor Armela Panajoti

Literary Studies

University of Vlora

Armela Panajoti is an Associate Professor and head of the Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Vlora, Albania. She has been working at the University of Vlora ever since she graduated from its Department of Foreign Languages with a Gold Medal (given to an Albanian student whose grades are all 10 – the highest Albanian grade). She completed her doctoral thesis on Conrad in the Department of English at the University of Tirana, Albania.

She is currently the Chair of the Albanian Society for the Study of English (ASSE), general editor of its journal, in esse: English Studies in Albania, a member of the Board of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) and Corresponding Fellow of the English Association. Armela has published extensively in a number of peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, and has spoken at, and organised, many international conferences.

Her research interests are mainly concentrated on literary and cultural studies as most of her teaching and research activities have revolved around them. She has particularly dealt with matters which explore the relation between language and literature, language and culture, intercultural competence and communication.