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Arjuna Srinidhi

Climate Change Policy

Watershed Organisation Trust

Arjuna Srinidhi has studied and worked in the areas of international and national climate change policy, natural resource management, climate change adaptation, conventional and renewable energy. He has been the lead author of publications such as The imperative of fair distribution of carbon budget for an effective climate agreement (2015); Watershed Development in India: Economic Valuation and Adaptation Considerations (2013); and Energy, development and climate change: insights from rural India (2012). He has also authored a book titled Rising to the call: Good practices of climate change adaptation in India (2014).

He participated in the Climate Change conferences in Bonn (2017), Paris (2015), Lima (2014) and Doha (2012). He also documented and commented on the climate change negotiations at the ADP inter-sessions in June and October 2015 in Bonn.

Arjuna is passionate about sustainability and it is his dream to see the world taking concrete steps to limit climate change. He intends to be an expert in climate change subjects such as adaptation, resilience building, sustainable development and climate policy. He has worked with Civil Society Organisations in India for the past seven years and contributed to IPCC publications as an expert reviewer.

He holds a Master's degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from Stanford University, USA, and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.  His Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering was from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India.