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Professor Andrea Virginás

Film Studies

Sapienta University

Dr Andrea Virginás is Associate Professor in the Media Department at Sapientia University, Romania, with an MA in Gender Studies (Central European University, Hungary, 2002) and a PhD in Literature/British and American Studies (Debrecen University, Hungary, 2008). Her research concerns film cultures in mainstream and peripheral contexts, feminist film theory, cultural trauma theory, analog and digital media theory.

Her publications include Az erdélyi prérin. Médiatájkép [On the Transylvanian Praerie. A Media Panorama] (2008); Crime Genres and The Modern–Postmodern Turn: Canons, Gender Media (2008), republished as (Post)modern Crime: Changing Paradigms? From Agatha Christie to Palahniuk, from Film Noir to Memento (2011); Audiovizuális kommunikáció [Audiovisual Communication] (2015); A kortárs tömegfilm (tömegkultúra, műfajok médiumok) [Contemporary Mainstream Cinema] (2016); and Cultural Studies Approaches in the Study of Eastern European Cinema: Spaces, Bodies, Memories (2016, editor).