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Amaury Pérez Sánchez

Process Simulation

University of Camagüey

Amaury Pérez Sánchez graduated in 2009 with a Golden Title in Chemical Engineering from the University of Camagüey, Cuba. He started his professional career in a biotechnological company as a research assistant in the Development and Production Departments. During his five years there, he accomplished several projects, including the assessment of a disk stack centrifuge for recovery cells from fermentation broths; the design of a modular heat exchanger to preheat a cell suspension prior to being atomized in a spray dryer; the evaluation of a fed-batch system at production scale to increase the cell density of fermentation broths; and the automation of an industrial scale spray dryer to improve performance and efficiency.

He is now working in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Camagüey, specifically in the Pilot Plant, where he teaches courses on Process Simulation and Heat/Mass Transfer Operations to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has designed several pieces of equipment and accessories for the beer production line, and has also elaborated several protocols for quality control issues. He has also supervised several undergraduate projects and theses, mostly related to chemical/biochemical process simulations.

Amaury's research focuses on the simulation of chemical/biotechnological processes using professional simulators; the design and assessment of mass/heat transfer equipment; the evaluation of fluid flow systems; and the energetic assessment of industrial systems and unit operations.

He is now completing his Master’s degree in Biotechnology. He has completed courses at several universities related to chemical engineering topics such as process modeling and simulation, mass and energy balances, fluid flow, thermodynamics, bio-security, profitability evaluation of chemical plants and statistics. Amaury has also published numerous papers and articles in several international journals, comprising topics such as chemical processes simulation, the development of the sugar derivatives industry and heat transfer equipment evaluation.