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Amanda Trindade Hill

Stem Cell Biology

University of Montreal

Amanda Baracho Trindade Hill, MSc, is a veterinarian with five years of research experience in stem cell biology and embryology. She is currently enrolled in a joint degree PhD with the University of Montreal, Canada, and Sao Paulo State University, Brazil, and completed her Master’s in animal reproduction at Sao Paulo State University.

During her time as a Master’s student, she researched the differentiation capacity and cell kinetics of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) obtained from canine ovaries. Her work demonstrated that stem cells isolated from the ovary are of equal quality in these two categories to the current gold standard: adipose-derived MSC. This discovery creates a new opportunity for effective stem cell banking and regenerative medicine techniques in the canine, as the ovaries were often previously considered biological waste in non-breeding stock dogs. Her work also has strong translational perspectives for human women undergoing sterilizing cancer treatments.

She has published work in cell proliferation and tissue and cells, and is the author of a book. Her research expertise includes stem cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology and reproduction.