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Picture of Studies in Theoretical & Applied Ethics

Studies in Theoretical & Applied Ethics

ISSN No: 2058-6884
Series Editor(s):
C. D. Herrera and Alexandra Perry

Series Description

Studies in Theoretical & Applied Ethics provides a forum for scholars of ethics, understood in its broadest sense. The editors seek original monographs and collections of essays which will explore the philosophical problems that arise when we reflect on the question of how we ought to live, and on the resources which we might use to inform or decisions. The editors are particularly interested in work that brings to light ethical issues from across the disciplines, such as those found in the sciences, business, law, medicine, history, and literature.

Editor(s) Biography

C. D. Herrera is associate professor of philosophy at Montclair State University. His research interests include bioethics, ancient philosophy, and philosophy of sport. He is the Editor of Theoretical & Applied Ethics, a quarterly journal.

Alexandra Perry is a lecturer in philosophy at Bergen Community College and an adjunct assistant professor of philosophy at Drew University and William Paterson University. Her research interests include bioethics, philosophy of history, and cognitive science. She recently completed a book entitled Neuropluralism, which focuses on mental illness as a challenge to contemporary social and political theories drawing on themes from the moral philosophy of Aristotle, and the political philosophy of John Rawls, Alasdair MacIntyre, and Nicholas Rescher. She is the managing editor of the academic journal Theoretical & Applied Ethics.

Series Titles

Community, Autonomy and Informed Consent

In using the example of informed consent guidelines for international research on human subjects, this book demonstrates one of the many useful ways that philosophy can be used to move from theory to praxis by providing a general picture of how a philosophical analysis of underlying concepts can affect the way that public policy is...

Ethics as Scales of Forms

This book is an important contribution to moral philosophy, and also to moral theology. It overcomes the dichotomising fragmentation of much contemporary moral philosophy which tends to take one aspect or component of moral activity, such as the consequences of actions, rules or intentions, and to make it the only one. The book emp...

New Perspectives in Japanese Bioethics

Post-war Japan has seen profound and rapid social change and transformation. One of the most visible areas of change in Japan has been medicine, and particularly the ethical practices and policies that guide medical decision-making. The formal discipline of bioethics, Seimei Rinri in Japanese, has grown by leaps and bounds since th...

The Moral Philosophy of Bernard Williams

Bernard Williams (1929–2003) is one of the most influential philosophers of the past 100 years, with work ranging from meta-ethics to philosophy of mind to reflections on pop culture. Williams wrote with a deep sensitivity to the limitations in our knowledge, and an optimistic outlook on the prospects that we have, nonetheless, for...