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Picture of Studies in Ecolinguistics

Studies in Ecolinguistics

Series Editor(s):
Marta Bogusawska-Tafelska
Subject: Linguistics

Series Description

The Studies in Ecolinguistics series of linguistic monographs arose from a growing intellectual inclination to build a linguistic meta-theory that is paradigmatically grounded in the post-Newtonian model of life within the holistic paradigm. Hence, it is a publication plane for more expanded scholarly proposals within language and communication studies today, where communication processes are perceived as life processes on various layers of life systems’ organization.

Due to the multidisciplinary character of linguistic interfaces in the contemporary linguistic research, the series contains volumes covering adjacent and naturally cooperating areas of expertise, including mainstream formal and cognitive linguistics, cutting-edge ecological linguistics, and neighbouring scholarly fields such as biosemiotics, ecopsychology and holistically-oriented educational studies, to enumerate but a few. Researchers working in these areas as well as practitioners will find the series of particular interest.

Editor(s) Biography

Marta Bogusławska-Tafelska is an ecolinguist, and obtained her PhD in linguistics in 2005 at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland. As Assistant Professor in the Department of English Studies, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, Poland, she initiated and co-organised such projects as a series of ecolinguistic conferences, a series of monographs entitled New Pathways in Linguistics (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), the Olsztyn summer school of linguistics, the Ecolinguistic studies programme for MA students of linguistics (2010–2016), and a workshop on the extended educational paradigm for school teachers and students of pedagogical specialisations. Dr Bogusławska-Tafelska is the author of several linguistic monographs and a collection of peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. Her research interests include post-Newtonian models of reality and new paradigms in language and communication studies, ecolinguistic and psycholinguistic aspects underlying a person's optimal development and optimal living, consciousness studies, and educational studies.

Series Titles

Communication as a Life Process

This volume presents the meta-proposals of the ecolinguistic paradigm within contemporary language and communication studies, and will serve to incite further scholarly work within this research program. Eclectic and interdisciplinary as the contributions gathered here are, they all pertain to a dynamic, multilayer approach to huma...