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Picture of Studies in African Humanities

Studies in African Humanities

ISSN No: 2058-2854
Series Editor(s):
Augustine Agwuele

Series Description

The Studies in African Humanities Series recognizes that the various different fields of the humanities are not only interrelated, but also feed one another, providing a more complete understanding of humans, their lives, and their societies. An overreliance on any one theory alone undoubtedly underestimates the complexities associated with day-to-day living in continents like Africa, known for its rich diversity.

The Series editors, made up of noted African Studies scholars teaching in North America, Europe and Africa, are particularly interested in manuscripts that meaningfully explicate existing issues germane to the wellbeing of the continent and its people, wherever they may be. With the motto “the scholarship of now for the people of now”, the editors welcome all works—whether qualitative, quantitative, empirical, or fieldwork-based,—that are focused on themes that have a direct impact on the life of the people of Africa, including linguistics, political studies, popular culture, religion, and philosophy.

Series Advisors

Asonzeh Ukah, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Joni O Jones, University of Texas at Austin
Eric Anchimbe, Universitaet zu Bayreuth
Anthony Chukwu, Hamber College Toronto, Canada
Steven J. Salm, Xavier University of Louisiana

Editor(s) Biography

Augustine Agwuele is a professor for linguistics with the department of Anthropology at Texas State University. He has manifold and interrelated research interests that span Linguistic Phonetics, Peoples and Cultures of Africa, as well as Language, Culture and Society. He studies experimental phonetics focusing on the variability associated with the production and perception of sequences of vowel-consonant-vowel. He conducts field studies in West and East Africa and follows closely Yoruba peoples in Nigeria and in the Diaspora focusing on extant socio-cultural practices through the lens afforded by language and its use.

Email: aa21 [@]

Series Titles

Transnational Trills in the Africana World

This volume focuses on how music and arts in the global Africana world are used for political and social change. It will be an essential resource for scholars and students in African studies, Africana, Afro-Atlantic studies, diaspora studies, sociology, music, literature, politics and culture. The volume is divided into three secti...