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Picture of Strong Starts, Supported Transitions and Student Success

Strong Starts, Supported Transitions and Student Success

Editor(s): Andrew Funston, Miguel Gil, Gwen Gilmore
Contributors: Juanita Curstance, Gill Best, Brian Zammit, Andrew Funston, Dr Michael Hallpike, Dr Gwen Gilmore, Miguel Gil,

Book Description

The shift to mass participation in higher education is a welcome international trend. In Australia the number of young adults attempting a degree course at university has increased by close to twenty five percent in less than a decade. Campuses are becoming more culturally and linguistically diverse. More university students are coming from poorer families and disadvantaged educational backgrounds. The authors of Strong Starts, Supported Transitions and Student Success celebrate the diversity of new university learning communities while recognising the challenges faced by many commencing students. This book presents research findings, strategic thinking and innovative approaches to student transitions and retention at one of Australia’s newer institutions, designated “The University of Opportunity”. Drawing extensively on international scholarship and the work of retention and transition experts in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, the book provides several theoretically-informed case studies, as well as more general discussions and practical advice to academics and professional staff involved in “the first year in higher education”, and especially those practitioners working to enhance “the student experience”.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-5499-3
ISBN-10: 1-4438-5499-9
Date of Publication: 01/03/2014
Pages / Size: 295 / A5
Price: £44.99


Dr Andrew Funston holds a BA (hons), MA and PhD from the University of Melbourne. He is a Lecturer and Course Coordinator in the College of Arts at Victoria University. Andrew has researched young people’s use of mobile (cell) phones, “digital divide” issues and disadvantaged young people’s access to the Internet, and in recent years his research has focussed on foundation pedagogies and student transitions. In 2012, he published Non-traditional Students Making Their Way in Higher Education (Youth Research Centre Melbourne).

Dr Miguel Gil holds a BA (Universidad de Navarra), MA (Monash University), PhD (La Trobe University) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation (Victoria College). Miguel has gathered a wide range of experience in the field of retention, transition and first-year student experience; first as a retention officer at Edith Cowan University (2004–2010) and through his current work as a Transition and Retention Coordinator at Victoria University in Melbourne. He is completing research on the graduate attribute of “global citizenship”, and is also working on a book titled Academic Writing in Context.

Dr Gwen Gilmore holds a BA and Diploma of Teaching (Canterbury University, NZ), a Masters of Education Administration and Diploma of Second Language Teaching (Massey University, NZ) and a PhD (University of Exeter, UK). She is a Lecturer in Literacy and Student Retention and coordinates core units in the Diploma of Education Studies and the Masters of Education programs in the College of Education at Victoria University. Gwen’s current research aims to build knowledge and principles for improving teacher education settings, inclusive education, social justice and staff and student engagement.