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Social Sciences

Here you can browse or search our titles in Social Sciences, including Arts and Humanities, Business Management and Accounting, Decision Sciences, Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Psychology, and Behavioural Sciences. We have Advisory Boards in more than 130 Social Sciences areas, which you can see at the Advisory Boards link above. We are always happy to consider proposals in Social Sciences, or applications to join an Advisory Board. Please click here to find out more about how to submit a proposal, and here to complete an Advisory Board application.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing also publishes in Health Sciences Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Established in 2001, our operational headquarters are in the historic Lady Stephenson Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, with representative offices in Berlin, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; and Hangzhou, China.

Arts and Humanities

Encompassing an extensive range of disciplines across archaeology, classics, history, literature, philosophy, religion, and several others, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Arts and Humanities books are critically acclaimed in leading high-impact journals and widely read and cited in academia and beyond. In addition to this, a number of these titles cut across disciplinary boundaries, reflecting our commitment to publishing a diverse array of creative and interdisciplinary scholarship from around the world.

Business, Management and Accounting

Our Business, Management and Accounting collection at Cambridge Scholars Publishing comprises texts not just in these core areas, but also in strategic management, travel and tourism, marketing and administration, and hospitality. The collection will be a crucial touchstone for academics working across these areas, as well as to senior business leaders needing to keep pace with the latest developments affecting their own practice.

Decision Sciences

Distinct from but related to our titles across business, economics, and computer science, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Decision Sciences collection is a platform for innovative research on crisis management, risk probabilities, operations forecasting, and calculative understandings of political and economic futures.

Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Economics, Econometrics and Finance books span the entirety of these broad and complex fields, encompassing titles on the connections between economics and business, development, law, history, labor, and health. We also publish a range of introductory and methodological texts in these areas, ensuring that the collection is a vital reference point for economists, academics, and students alike.


The broad nature of research in psychology is reflected in Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s extensive and varied list of some of the best psychology books, which offer titles of interest to researchers, teachers, practitioners and historians. Both single-authored monographs and edited collections from leading academic conferences present diverse insights from contributors world-wide.  With a particular strength in applied psychology, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing portfolio also spans wider topics including cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, and social and criminal psychology.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Social and Behavioural Sciences collection encompasses books across education, law, geography, language and linguistics, political science, and sociology. Our titles in these subjects are authored by leading academics from across the globe, and they are now being joined by emerging and exciting new work in the fields of safety, security, and childhood studies. The collection as a whole is an essential body of knowledge of relevance to social scientists and interested researchers in the Health, Life, and Physical Sciences.
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Rebellion, Resistance and the Irish Working Class

Rebellion, Resistance and the Irish Working Class: The Case of the ‘Limerick Soviet’ explores the background and history of a major strike which occurred in Limerick city, Ireland, in 1919. This industrial dispute made headlines worldwide given that many central aspects of the dispute impacted on controversies as relating to worker...

Jacob and Joseph, Judaism’s Architects and Birth of the Ego Ideal

Three seminal father-son stories, operatic in scale, endure in Western civilization. The first is Oedipus, the son who believed a prophecy that he would kill his father and bed his mother, who believed a seer more than in himself. Freud found this a central tale for a child’s development and life course. The second, Abraham’s near-...

Comparative Examinations of Cleaned Paint Surfaces

This volume explains four different methods for examining paint surfaces. It adopts several examination tools to compare untreated and treated surfaces of oil and acrylic paints, such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM), computer-aided laser profilometry, environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM) and 3D-measurement techno...

The Waffen-SS in Allied Hands Volume One

The Waffen-SS are commonly regarded as the elite of Germany’s armed forces during World War II. They gained much of this reputation while fighting on the Eastern Front in Russia during Germany’s war against the Soviet Union. They were also called to the fore in an attempt to hurl back the Western Allies’ invasion forces in Normandy...
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