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Social Sciences

Here you can browse or search our titles in Social Sciences, including  Arts and Humanities, Business Management and Accounting, Decision Sciences, Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Psychology, and Behavioural Sciences. We have Advisory Boards in numerous Social Sciences areas, which you can see at the Advisory Boards link above. We are always happy to consider proposals in Social Sciences, or applications to join an Advisory Board. Please click here to find out more about how to submit a proposal, and here to complete an Advisory Board application.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing also publishes in Health Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Established in 2001, our operational headquarters are in the historic Lady Stephenson Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, with representative offices in Berlin, Germany, and Barcelona, Spain.

Language and Literature

From collected essays on leading literary figures to innovative insights into world literature, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing ‘Language and Literature’ collection covers a wide spectrum, from Medieval literature, to Twentieth Century classics, and beyond. It includes award-winning titles, which are of interest to scholars and the general reader. Covering cultural and theoretical approaches, our studies in Literature and Language include leading edge research with a significant interdisciplinary reach.

Social Sciences

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing ‘Social Sciences’ department contains a vibrant collection of interdisciplinary scholarship, which incorporates insights from Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, Psychology and Political Science, as well as newer disciplines such as Social Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics, and Evolutionary Psychology. Our studies in Social Sciences are of interest to academics and practitioners alike, providing leading edge research, which reflects the breadth and complexity of our 21st century society, and offers practical insight to inform policymakers an...

Literary Classics

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing ‘Literary Classics’ collection includes some of the most inspiring and provocative works from previous centuries, including great writers such as Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Henry Fielding and Lord Byron. Our comprehensive introductions and commentary ensure they reflect the latest scholarly research, making an integral contribution to literary history. As an edited selection of the best literary classics, these titles will continue to be read by generation after generation.


The Cambridge Scholars Publishing history books present leading edge research for scholars and history enthusiasts alike. We publish fresh insights across a wide range of historical periods and themes, from ancient history to the modern age, and explorations of social and gender history. An essential resource for individuals who are studying history, we are proud to publish a number of innovative Series titles in History and Classical Studies.

Cultural Studies

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing 'Cultural Studies' list includes influential critical cultural studies titles as part of a diverse collection with wide interdisciplinary appeal. Our cultural studies books present key insights into, among many other topics, cultural heritage studies and women's studies research, with an emphasis on cultural studies theories.


The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Philosophy topics provide authoritative and innovative perspectives for academics and enthusiasts alike. Our selection of the best Philosophy books cover the major sub-disciplines, incorporating the analytic and Continental traditions, and the history of Philosophy. We are also proud to publish a number of critically-acclaimed Series on popular Philosophy topics, including leading insights about theoretical and applied Ethics.

Political Science

Cambridge Scholars Publishing champions Political Science books, which offer authoritative and inspiring research for academics at every level, policy makers and general readers. Our Political Science research topics span the range of the discipline, including International Relations, Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Political Theory, and Security Studies.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing has a wide range of titles in the broad field of linguistics, ranging from titles on the study of language (in the fields of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics), to more specialised and interdisciplinary fields, including historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, ethnolinguistics, dialectology, computational linguistics and neurolinguistics.

Film and Theatre Studies

This extensive collection from Cambridge Scholars Publishing presents a vibrant and diverse range of insights into film studies and theatre studies. Key books on film studies and theatre within our list explore the history of film studies and the applied use of film and drama in varying contexts. Playwrights and filmmakers including Brecht, Shakespeare and Ken Loach are explored in depth, while edited collections from influential academic conferences take a focused view on important trends and topics within this evolving field.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing offers a particularly strong and diverse collection of music books, ranging from interdisciplinary music studies in rapidly emerging fields such as ethnomusicology and music technologies to detailed studies and analyses of some of the world's greatest composers. Musical traditions including folk music and brass band music are discussed, while titles on the history of music provide valuable contextual insights. Together, this collection forms a broad and thought-provoking music library which will be of interest to music scholars, educators and students alongside hi...

Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has developed an extensive list of titles in the key areas of cultural geography studies and anthropology studies. Titles within this broad portfolio encompass lecture series, edited collections bringing together leading thinkers in the field, and focused monographs presenting unique insights into often under-represented regions and cultures. Supported by a growing portfolio of anthropology journals, this collection provides thought-provoking content for both specialist researchers and the general reader.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing's educational studies books raise vital questions about the future of education, as well as exploring its historical context. Key titles offer practical advice on teaching and academic writing, with particular focus placed on language teaching and assessment. Spanning all levels of education, the diverse range of international contributors across our educational publishing titles provide valuable insights into this key discipline.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing religious studies books present advanced specialist scholarly knowledge on key topics including religion and ethics, morality and spirituality.  Thought-provoking interdisciplinary studies sit alongside in-depth explorations of religious thinkers and writings to form an essential collection of books on religion.  From broad-ranging anthologies to detailed ethnographic studies, these religious studies resources will provide valuable insights for theologists and historians but also the general reader interested in the many questions raised by global religi...

Fine Arts

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has developed a vibrant collection of fine arts books, presenting focused critical works alongside thought-provoking collections from leading academic conferences in the field. Titles in the fine arts series draw also upon issues related to architecture, photography and museum curation to provide diverse insights and valuable context.  Together, these titles offer access to a unique fine arts library reaching from medieval art to British Pop Art and beyond.

Business, Finance and Economics

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has an exciting portfolio of ‘Business Studies’ and ‘Economics and Finance’ books. Underpinned by our influential Business Journals and Series titles, this collection offers leading edge international perspectives, which reflect the changing business and management landscape. Our broad range of topics include international economics and finance, business ethics, leadership, strategy, organisational change, public management and entrepreneurship. This collection includes work by academic scholars, as well as economists, political scientists,...


The broad nature of research in psychology is reflected in our extensive and varied list of some of the best psychology books, which offer titles of interest to researchers, teachers, practitioners and historians. Studies of the world's foremost psychologists, including Freud and Jung, offer in-depth analysis, while edited collections from leading academic conferences present diverse insights from contributors world-wide.  With a particular strength in applied psychology, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing portfolio also spans psychology topics including cognitive psychology, psychoanalysi...

Irish Studies

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Irish Studies collection explores key aspects of colonial and post-colonial Ireland, presenting volumes on Irish historical studies alongside insights into cultural aspects including dance and literature. A particular focus is placed on the key topics of Irish political studies and the Catholic tradition, with contributions from key academics as well as poets and memoir writers.

Chinese Studies

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has a burgeoning collection of Chinese Studies titles covering all aspects of Chinese history, society, philosophy, politics, economic development, and trade and commerce, across all periods. With a keen focus on Chinese language studies, these titles are focused on promoting scholarly dialogue and further research in this ever-evolving field.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing's diverse collection of law books offer applied works alongside legal history analyses and legal discourse studies. Presenting some of the best law books recently published, titles explore legislative and regulatory frameworks, giving valuable context and recommendations for use in practice. With a strong focus on regionally focused and comparative law research, our law titles will be of interest to those in business as well as anyone studying law.


The Classics or ‘Classical Studies’ titles from Cambridge Scholars Publishing incorporate leading scholarship and reference works that cover the Ancient Near East, Classical Antiquity, Egyptology, Ancient Philosophy, History, Religion, Culture and Society, and Classical Languages and Literature. Our Classics books and Series titles feature innovative research and commentary from a range of highly influential authors in the field.

Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing collection of Bibliography, Library Science and Information Resources titles encompasses research that reflects the breadth of the discipline. Incorporating scholarly books on information resources management, library and information sciences, as well as specialised encyclopaedic volumes, this collection is a niche but integral part of our publishing portfolio.

French Studies

The French Studies collection from Cambridge Scholars Publishing encompasses works on French historical studies alongside focused volumes exploring influential French and French-speaking writers, from Zola to contemporary African authors. Our French cultural studies volumes provide valuable insights into the impact and influence of Francophone culture at an international level. This is a diverse and growing collection with broad interdisciplinary appeal.

German Studies

Our German Studies titles at Cambridge Scholars Publishing form a small but rapidly expanding collection, encompassing interdisciplinary works exploring German culture, philosophy and German language studies alongside focused titles on key German works of literature. The works of leading scholars in the field are included alongside ground-breaking research presented at key academic conferences in the field, offering a broad and thought-provoking range of insights.

Indian Studies

Our Indian Studies collection spans many key themes within the broad discipline, from gender and social issues, health, and education to the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid economic growth seen in the Indian subcontinent. Authors include influential academics, emergent researchers, decision-makers and practitioners both Indian and international, offering a wealth of unique perspectives in this important discipline.