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Series: Social Sciences

Cambridge Scholars Publishing's social sciences series present ground breaking research from centres of excellence including the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters (CRSCAD) at the University of Massachusetts Boston, USA and the Copernicus Graduate School, a modern, international and interdisciplinary young scientists network. The monographs and edited volumes within the social sciences series offer essential theoretical and applied perspectives which will be of interest to scholars, classrooms, practitioners, activists, and policymakers. To propose a new volume within an existing series, or a new series, please contact Camilla Harding, Commissioning Editor, at

Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters

Established in 2008, the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters (CRSCAD) at the University of Massachusetts Boston, USA, is a multidisciplinary research unit dedicated to raising awareness and possessing the expertise necessary for long-term sustainable reconstruction after disasters with a focus on vulnerable populations. Beyond earthquakes and severe weather-related events, the center offers professional trainings and practical knowledge for other disasters framed by bad governance and poverty, environmental pollution, HIV/AIDS, wars and conflicts, large-scale attacks on civil...

Pacific Focus

Launched in 2006, the Pacific Focus Series fills a gap in the literature of the contemporary Pacific from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The study of the Pacific Islands is often marginalised in global academia for being too small, too scattered and too far away from the centres of metropolitan power, teaching and research. This series deliberately focuses attention on the peoples, cultures and histories of the Pacific Islands, or Oceania. It privileges indigenous perspectives and also remains alert to global contexts. The authors are established in their respective fields; to date thes...

Peace Studies: Edges and Innovations

This new and innovative series will combine academic rigor and accessible prose, rendering the books appropriate for scholars, classrooms, practitioners, activists, policymakers, and even more general readership. Books in the series will focus on:
• gender, multiculturalism, and diversity;
• innovative peacebuilding strategies and movements;
• the relationship among disciplines within peace studies, looking at the overlap;
• issues in criminal justice, focusing on restorative justice.

Pasts and Futures: Readings in a Contemporary World

The end of the twentieth century has seen momentous shifts both in production and in production relations, now visible in new clusters that dominate physical and intellectual landscapes. This has substantially changed the way we perceive ourselves, as well as the world around us.

Copernicus Graduate School Studies (CGS Studies)

CGS Studies is a series of scientific books which are the output of the work of the Copernicus Graduate School. CGS is modern, international and interdisciplinary young scientists network, who work under the guidance of internationally acknowledged fellows.
The books do not provide fixed interpretation patterns. The aim of the editors and authors, as well as the main objective of the volumes, is to refresh and stimulate the discussion together with pointing out exemplary fields of research which bring interesting explanations and impulses to the formulation of innovative research questions ...

World Complexity Science Academy Book Series

The WCSA book series is devoted to sociological works that are based upon Complexity and Systemic theories.

Gandolfo Dominici - University of Palermo, Italy
Emilia Ferone- Gabriele d'Annunzio University, Pescara Italy
Alex Laszlo - Director of Doctoral Program in Leadership and Systemic Innovation at Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Andrea Pitasi - Gabriele d'Annunzio University, Pescara Italy
Alfredo Spilzinger - Lord of Brownsel. Chairman Executive Board- Santa Fe Associates. USA

New Horizon

We delve into the conditions and needs natural of man from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary point of view to get "respect" the man as he deserves and allow this "develop" as the potentiality. We think that the current university research must have its autonomy and initiative per se, and it must break new grounds in order to look for progress to society. However we argue that there are realities, as is it the Man, on which we must continue to deepen and not apparently they have a direct monetary benefit in which is at stake is much more important, because precisely in the investigation of this matter ...

Tourism and Mobilities in the times of Uncertainness Series

We live in a complex, fluid and global world, and there are many open questions facing the network of experts who specialize in the areas of tourism and hospitality. The turn of the century brought some major risks which placed the tourism industry under jeopardy. As a result of events from the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 to natural disasters and virus outbreaks, policy makers have retained some concerns about the future of tourism in the years to come.In a hyper-mobile world, where news travels fast, the precautionary principle, which denotes that risks can be found, id...