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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Social and Behavioural Sciences collection encompasses books across education, law, geography, language and linguistics, political science, and sociology. Our titles in these subjects are authored by leading academics from across the globe, and they are now being joined by emerging and exciting new work in the fields of safety, security, and childhood studies. The collection as a whole is an essential body of knowledge of relevance to social scientists and interested researchers in the Health, Life, and Physical Sciences.

Childhood Studies

A small but growing collection, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Childhood Studies collection provides a platform for interdisciplinary and geographically varied work investigating the lives of children and young people. Encompassing leading research from sociologists, geographers, psychologists, and education professionals, these titles will be a touchstone for anyone interested in sharp analyses of the problems and possibilities of growing up.  


Cambridge Scholars Publishing's Education books raise vital questions about the future of education, as well as exploring its historical context. Key titles offer practical advice on teaching and academic writing, with particular focus placed on language teaching and assessment. Spanning all levels of education, the diverse range of international contributors across our educational publishing titles provide valuable insights into this key discipline.

Geography, Planning and Development

Encompassing core titles on social and cultural geography, urban and rural development, and town planning, Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Geography, Planning and Development collection features leading research from scholars across the world into these intertwined subjects. Consistently reviewed positively in leading journals such as Social and Cultural Geography, the collection also explores global developmental challenges, intersecting closely with our titles in agriculture, political science, and sociology.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing's titles in Health feature leading works on social, behavioral, and psychologyical approaches to healthcare, medicine, and other core areas of the Health Sciences. Authored by social scientists and healthcare professionals alike, this collection is an essential companion to our broader, more scientific titles in the Health Sciences.  

Language and Linguistics

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has a wide range of titles in the broad fields of Language and Linguistics, ranging from titles on the study of language (in the fields of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics), to more specialised and interdisciplinary fields, including historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, ethnolinguistics, dialectology, computational linguistics and neurolinguistics.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing's diverse collection of Law books offer applied works alongside legal history analyses and legal discourse studies. Presenting some of the best law books recently published, titles explore legislative and regulatory frameworks, giving valuable context and recommendations for use in practice. With a strong focus on regionally focused and comparative law research, our law titles will be of interest to those in business as well as anyone studying law.

Library and Information Science

The Cambridge Scholars Publishing collection of Library and Information Science titles encompasses research that reflects the breadth of the discipline. Incorporating scholarly books on information resources management, library and information sciences, as well as specialised encyclopaedic volumes, this collection is a niche but integral part of our publishing portfolio.


At Cambridge Scholars Publishing we have a firm commitment to showcasing work that escapes disciplinary silos and which straddles various disciplinary fields while belonging exclusively to none of them. Our Multidiscipline collection is a platform for truly innovative and creative scholarship, with many of our titles exploring how multidisciplinary approaches can advance specific fields, and others combining different disciplinary techniques to fresh light on empirical phenomena.

Political Science and International Relations

Cambridge Scholars Publishing champions Political Science and International Relations books, which offer authoritative and inspiring research for academics at every level, policy makers and general readers. Our books in this collection span the range of the discipline, including Political Theory, Comparative Politics, International Political Theory, and Security Studies.


Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s wide array of books on Sociology are widely cited and consistently acclaimed in international journals and monographs. Covering topics from masculinities and femininities to social studies of everyday life around the world, the collection consists of a wide variety of complimentary approaches to understanding the social. It will be a crucial reference point not only for social scientists, but for researchers in the Health, Life, and Physical Sciences seeking to understand social approaches to their areas of interest.


The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Transportation collection comprises titles on the history of transport technologies and interdisciplinary work on the social dimensions of civil and automotive engineering. Our titles in this area are written by both social science academics and transport professionals, and as a whole is committed to the analysis of problems and prospects in the future of public and private transport.
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Social Network Analysis in Sport Research

Social network analysis is a methodological tool used to investigate social networks, or collections of individuals, groups, or organizations and their shared relationships. Sport researchers increasingly have applied social network analysis to a variety of sport contexts, from team interactions among players and coaches to tailgat...

Sustainable Consumption, Promise or Myth? Case Studies from the Field

This book brings together a number of recent case studies from the broad field of sustainable consumption. As they evaluate the promises, myths, and critiques of sustainable consumption, these essays can also be categorized into a range of different societal perspectives, from the individual to collectivities.The first chapters exp...

Teaching Students to Become Digital Content Curators

Today’s students are faced with a virtual tsunami of digital information. Given this dilemma, they are often willing to surrender and rely on the first website listed on their Internet search. This can lead to disaster for, as we know, not everything on the Internet is of value, true, or accurate. A remedy to this situation is to a...

The Compassionate Rebel Revolution

This revised edition of the second volume in the award-winning Compassionate Rebel series features the inspiring, ground breaking stories of 60 ordinary people from around the globe who have turned adversity into triumph, compassion into commitment, and anger into activism with extraordinary acts of caring and courage that are positively transforming our politics, culture and way of life.Using vivid, easily readable storytelling, this updated anthology is especially relevant in these troubled times. It describes how an historic, people-powered movement has been increasingly reaching across geographical, generational, and social and cultural boundaries to build a more just, peaceful and compassionate society that works for everyone.Along with a student-driven teacher’s guide and compelling video interviews, these previously untold stories make a vital contribution to research on social movements, oral histories, the power of storytelling, conflict resolution, peace and justice studies, peace literacy education, social science and human behavior. The collection is ideal for librarians, middle and high school educators, college professors, social scientists, psychologists, social workers, book clubs and any individual, group or organization anxious to unleash the power and beauty of the compassionate rebel that lives in all of us and to contribute to the massive revolution that is positively changing our world.

The Pragmatics of Cogent Argumentation in British and American Political Debates

Since the time of Aristotle, various approaches have been offered to tackle what makes language stronger. Some approaches have focused on rhetoric, while others have given attention to logic. Still others have concentrated on dialectics. This book takes into account a full-fledged comprehensive model of analysis that brings these three perspectives together. Throughout, it investigates the presence of pragmatic criteria and the utilization of pragmatic strategies that make language stronger in the context of argumentation. Cogent argumentation is a pragmatic communicative interactional process that goes through stages, and is regarded as a communicative exchange of arguments. The cogency of these arguments is attained according to the availability of pragmatic criteria and the utilization of pragmatic strategies, and determined throughout the whole process of argumentation.The book will be of interest to anyone interested in the fields of pragmatics, communication, and politics, and will widen their understanding of the pragmatic structure and criteria which constitute cogent argumentation.

The Real Stories behind Honour Killing

Honour killing, as it is widely understood, is the cold-blooded murder of a woman or a man involved with her, by the male members of her household in order to cleanse the reputation of the family, clan, community or tribe. This violent tradition in the name of religion, custom and culture continues to be carried out in a significantly large part of the world. The majority of people still believe that honour killings happen for reasons such as marriage from choice or a love affair of a kinswoman, rape, a demand for divorce from a woman, or the birth of a female child, all of which are perceived as bringing shame on the family. However, current research on honour killing suggests that there are a number of intriguing and very cleverly knitted plots of jealousy, greed, violence and murder which show that, in the name of honour, various other purposes are being served and people are killed in ways which give the impression that they are honour killings. By collecting data from people involved in such situations, this book opens a Pandora’s box, showing that such killings are carried out not to assuage the hurt honour of a patriarchal society, but to serve a variety of malign intentions, goals and agendas. It will serve to let the world comprehend the phenomenon of honour-related violence where culture and crime unite under the umbrella of highly discriminating laws against women. This book consists of twenty-six testimonies from those involved in honour killings, bringing together interviews with killers, victims and the falsely accused.

The Self as Other in Minority American Life Writing

Hinting at Rimbaud’s provocative dictum that “I is an other,” this anthology discusses a wide-ranging array of twentieth-century and contemporary minority American modes of life writing, prompted by the following questions: Who (else) hides behind this “I” that the author-narrator-character “contractually” claims to be? What generic, aesthetic, political and socio-cultural issues are at stake in a conception of the self as other? The essays analyze autobiographical works from major Native American writers (John Milton Oskison and Louise Erdrich), an African American music-hall artist (Josephine Baker) and writers (John Edgar Wideman and Ta-Nehisi Coates), Caribbean American writers (Jamaica Kincaid and Edwidge Danticat), and Asian American writers (Ruth Ozeki, Cathy Park Hong, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, and Loung Ung). They shed light on autobiography as a collaborative writing and reading practice, rather than as a self-oriented genre, probing the “relational” dimension of life writing. Building on the feminist theorization of relationality and the political and aesthetic power of relational bonds, they put forward the necessarily intersubjective dynamics of minority American “self-conceptions” which originate in the writers’ experiences of otherness. The articles highlight that the relational ethnic self characteristically inhabits the liminal spaces where modes of life writing overlap and can thrive in dialogical intertextual readings. They foreground the subversive, cathartic, and memorializing potential of minority American modes of “other-writing” whose ontological dimension is manifest in the writers’ quest for a sense of repossession and agency, beyond communal boundaries. Contributing to the up-to-date critical discussion on relationality, not as a genre, but rather as a reading and “a storytelling practice,” they examine the ways it participates in a global, transcultural approach to ethno-racial issues in the United States.
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