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Safety and Security

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Media and Journalism in an Age of Terrorism

This book brings together papers and articles presented at the conference “Journalism in a World of Terrorism”, held at the Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden, in 2017, which gathered together media researchers and journalists from around the world to discuss this contemporary global problem. The contributions consider what happ...

The Japan Self-Defense Forces Law

This book is the first ever to examine the Japan Self-Defense Forces Law by providing an historical overview of its passage, changes, and function in Japanese defense policy since its passage in 1954. It is also the first to provide a full English translation of the Law, incorporating all of the more than 160 changes that have been...

Road Safety

This book is dedicated to all road users, highlighting their responsibility to do everything to protect their own safety and that of others. It is also dedicated to all road designers to do everything in their power to adapt the system to the opportunities and constraints of road users. At this moment in time, this book is needed t...

Virtual World

The book acquaints the reader with the virtual world, which has become a part of the contemporary entertainment industry, an environment for both professional activity and communication.It discusses the role of computer games in people’s lives and the results of computer addiction studies. A separate section is devoted to the theme...
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