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Religious Studies

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Religious Studies books present advanced specialist scholarly knowledge on key topics including religion and ethics, morality and spirituality.  Thought-provoking interdisciplinary studies sit alongside in-depth explorations of religious thinkers and writings to form an essential collection of books on religion.  From broad-ranging anthologies to detailed ethnographic studies, these religious studies resources will provide valuable insights for theologists and historians but also the general reader interested in the many questions raised by religion today.

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Event and Decision

This book addresses the philosophies of Alain Badiou, Gilles Deleuze, and Alfred North Whitehead in relation to the concepts of event, ontology and politics. For Whitehead, the event is the realization of becoming, the actualization of the “groundless ontological ground” of creativity, the process of self-decision on possibilities ...

Evolutionary Theist

This book concludes fifty years of research on the empirical tradition in American liberal religious thought. At the University of Chicago, I wrestled with the issue of how to make pre-scientific religion intelligible in our scientific world. Being a student of B. E. Meland and attracted by H. N. Wieman’s philosophy of creative int...

Evolving Transcendentalism in Literature and Architecture

Evolving Transcendentalism in Literature and Architecture: Frank Furness, Louis Sullivan, and Frank Lloyd Wright demonstrates how American architects read literature and transformed abstract philosophy and literary form into physical substance. Furness, Sullivan, and Wright were inspired by such Transcendentalists as Ralph Waldo Em...

Experience, Interpretation, and Community

No philosopher in the second half of the twentieth century or the opening decade of the twenty-first did more to recover the voice of philosophy in the conversation of humankind than John Edwin Smith (1921–2009). From The Social Infinite (1950), his landmark study of Josiah Royce, to “Niebuhr’s Prophetic Voice” (2009), he has shown...

Faith in Democracy? Religion and Politics in Canada

This collection of essays questions the capacity of Canadian democracy to promote religious pluralism and recognize disparate faith groups as legitimate players on the political stage. These are more than rhetorical questions, as issues and public policies in contemporary Canada reflect an increasing concern that religion and relig...

Feminist Insiders-Outsiders

This book examines different brand of women’s feminist struggles and focuses on the struggles of Muslim women who are insiders in the Islamic Movement, as represented in Nigerian Muslim women’s Islamic activism. Drawing on different secular-Islamic Gender feminist theoretical frameworks, the book closely analyses Islamic texts and ...

F.F. Bosworth

When the Pentecostal movement exploded in 1906 in Zion City, Ill., Fred Francis Bosworth was present. When the Assemblies of God was being formed, Bosworth served as one of its leaders. He also was present as a mentor to the tent revivalists in the 1940s and 1950s.This book is about the life and ministry of Bosworth (1877-1958), a ...

Flawed Institution—Flawless Church

Contemporary news headlines, as well as the history of the Church, are replete with scandals, unholy acts, and abuses of power. Such a disappointing trend has shaken the faith of many, and made it fashionable to decry the hypocrisy of “organized religion.” Yet despite these massive stumbling blocks, the Church has always insisted, ...

Flying with Two Wings

Many people are of the opinion that our world faces a crisis, a “clash of civilizations,” from which we are unlikely to recover. However, Turkish born educator, scholar and advocate for peace Fethullah Gülen believes that through education, tolerance, and dialogue, peace can be achieved. Gülen has spoken of what he calls “peace isl...

Fresche fontanis

Fresche fontanis contains twenty-five studies presenting major new research by leading scholars in Scottish culture of the late fourteenth and fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. The three-part collection includes essays on the prominent writers of the period: James I, Robert Henryson, William Dunbar, John Bellenden, D...

From Antiquity to the Postmodern World

Characteristic histories and literatures of the Jewish people are brought together in this volume and arranged in the form of a cultural mosaic, a distinctly Canadian approach to life. The articles and scholarly contributions contained herein investigate Jewish life and thought, not merely in the Canadian and contemporary context b...

From Authority Religion to Spirit Religion

George Burman Foster (1857–1918) was a key figure among the philosophers and theologians who composed the early “Chicago School.” This volume makes available the development of Foster’s religious thought by exploring his major writings as well as diverse shorter works. Conclusions are provided following each major section of the bo...
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