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Religious Studies

Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Religious Studies books present advanced specialist scholarly knowledge on key topics including religion and ethics, morality and spirituality.  Thought-provoking interdisciplinary studies sit alongside in-depth explorations of religious thinkers and writings to form an essential collection of books on religion.  From broad-ranging anthologies to detailed ethnographic studies, these religious studies resources will provide valuable insights for theologists and historians but also the general reader interested in the many questions raised by religion today.

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Catholic Education

This collection of essays is concerned with the Catholic Church’s understanding of the nature of human flourishing and the processes of education that flow from it.Each essay seeks, in its own way, to explore, illustrate and provide insights into the application of Catholic education policy and practice in differing socio/legislati...

Celluloid Saviours

In Celluloid Saviours, the author analyses a corpus of US films dating from the silent era that she calls film blanc. In these fantasy films a guardian spirit with extraordinary powers suspends the ordinary, known laws of time and space, and a main character reforms himself or herself in life-changing ways.The author argues that t...

Charles Taylor’s Vision of Modernity

Charles Taylor is currently one the most renowned and influential contemporary philosophers. He is also widely quoted and discussed both in the social sciences and humanities. Taylor earns this attention through his remarkable capacity for presenting his conceptions in the broadest possible intellectual and cultural context. His ph...

Charles Williams and his Contemporaries

Charles Williams (1886-1945), poet, novelist, critic, biographer, lay theologian, and 'Inkling'; exercised a great influence, both as a personality and through his writings, on English letters in his own day; and now, after a period of relative neglect, interest in him has grown once more. This international symposium, a product of...

Christ Among Them

This essay newly interprets the rise of the individual within the Italian peninsula between 1180 and 1300. It follows the historical events and the cultural products that define the period keeping in mind that the creators were conscious of a tangible, real Christ in their midst. For it is the time when Jesus was known to be in the...

Christianity and the Detective Story

Christianity and the Detective Story is the first book to gather together academic criticism on this particular connection between religion and popular culture. The articles cover the origin of this relationship in the works of G. K. Chesterton, examine its development through the “Golden Age” of mystery writers such as Dorothy L. ...

Christian Pragmatism

Edward Scribner Ames (1870–1958) was raised in the American Midwest as his family moved westward after the Civil War. His father was a minister in the Disciples of Christ, which was later changed to the Christian Church. In between serving several small churches in the Iowa area, his father did various odd jobs. Young Ames joined t...

'Christ’s Sinful Flesh'

Christ’s Sinful Flesh explores the life and theology of Edward Irving, a nineteenth-century Scottish preacher and theologian, focusing on his theological framework in the perspective of his understanding of Christ’s humanity. Irving is especially known for his teachings regarding the return of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, pre-mill...

Civil Society in Africa

This book examines the efforts of one particular civil society organization, the human rights ministry of a Catholic parish located in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, to determine the extent to which it was able to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law. It concludes from an analysis of the social, economic and political e...

College Cloisters - Married Bachelors

Using archival material and many unpublished sources, this work traces the origins of Oxford and Cambridge University colleges as places of learning, founded from the thirteenth century, for unmarried men who were required to take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the majority of whom trained for the priesthood. The process...

Conceiving God

This book presents a novel explanation for the emergence of the God-concept and human religiosity. In doing so, it makes creative use of the most recent findings in anthropology, neurology and psychology. At the center of this explanation is the fact that early childhood experiences predispose people to ‘magical thinking’, a tenden...

Confessional Theology?

Christian confessions are usually seen as statements of faith which has no relationship with politics. The result is a tendency to view these documents as theological but not political. This study discusses this misconception but adds that although these documents are not to be perceived as political per se, that they can nonethele...
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