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Picture of Queer Stories of Europe

Queer Stories of Europe

Editor(s): Jānis Ozoliņš, Kārlis Vērdiņš
Contributors: Jānis Ozoliņš, Jana Jablonická-Zezulová, Jan Seidl, Ineta Lipša, Ilze Jansone, Gregory Woods, Dirk Schulz,

Book Description

This is the first volume on the studies of queer identities in Europe to adopt a strong focus on the history of the Baltic region among other countries in Central and East Europe. It unites work by researchers of different European countries that deals with various representations of the queer culture over a period of more than one hundred years. A significant part of the book is dedicated to belletristics, with the contributors offering readings of it with knowledge about ideas circulating in public discourse that have been influential for new discoveries in history, art history, culture studies, communication studies, theology, and narratology, among other fields.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-9790-7
ISBN-10: 1-4438-9790-6
Date of Publication: 01/11/2016
Pages / Size: 250 / A5
Price: £52.99


Kārlis Vērdiņš is a Researcher at the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia. He has published the monographs The Social and Political Dimensions of the Latvian Prose Poem (2010), The Bastard Form (in Latvian, 2011) and Contemporary Literary Theories (co-editor, in Latvian, 2013), as well as articles on Latvian queer literature and culture, in addition to poetry and translations.

Jānis Ozoliņš is a doctoral student at the University of Latvia, where he is also a Researcher at the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art. He is a co-translator of Roland Barthe’s Le plaisir du texte (2012), and has published articles on theories of narratology and Latvian contemporary fiction.