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The broad nature of research in psychology is reflected in Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s extensive and varied list of some of the best psychology books, which offer titles of interest to researchers, teachers, practitioners and historians. Both single-authored monographs and edited collections from leading academic conferences present diverse insights from contributors world-wide.  With a particular strength in applied psychology, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing portfolio also spans wider topics including cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, and social and criminal psychology.

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Applied Logotherapy

This book is a seminal contribution to applied and clinical logotherapy and existential analysis from a philosopher who is also a practitioner. It covers twelve essential topics and themes, drawing on Dr Viktor Frankl’s Viennese School of philosophical psychology, from therapeutic techniques, such as dereflection, paradoxical inten...

Education from a Whiteheadian Point of View

The basic aims of contemporary thinking in education are to cultivate a proper comprehension of the meaning and purpose of education and the role of the teacher, and to develop adequate theoretical and methodological frameworks that combine some of the positive sides of the leading theories, while avoiding their disadvantages. Towa...

Psychic River

The book is about the joys and frustrations of lifelong learning, and about what drives us to learn as we move through our years. It follows the life-in-learning, from birth to death, of a character that the reader is invited to create. It examines many of life’s important themes—a response to overwhelming choice, the instinct of s...

The Creative Advantages of Schizophrenia

The aphorism that madness and creative genius are opposing sides of the same coin predates contemporary psychiatry and has existed since the time of the great Stagirite Aristotle. Schizophrenia is one mental disorder intimately linked with creative thinking and achievement. There is no shortage of eminent scientists, thinkers, writ...

Cultural Memory Studies

This volume provides an overview of theories of cultural memory that are intensively discussed in cultural studies and humanities disciplines such as history, sociology, literary studies, art history, and media studies. Cultural memory encompasses all rituals, institutions and practices through which communities establish their ide...

General and Specific Mental Abilities

The history of testing mental abilities has seen the dominance of two contrasting approaches, psychometrics and neuropsychology. These two traditions have different theories and methodologies, but overlap considerably in the tests they use. Historically, psychometrics has emphasized the primacy of a general factor, while neuropsych...

Psychopathology and Atmospheres

Feeling sad during a funeral and being relaxed while having dinner with friends are atmospheric feelings. However, the notion of “atmosphere”, meaning not only a subjective mood, but a sensorial and affective quality that is widespread in space and determines the way one experiences it, has intensified only recently in scientific d...

Why Do Things Break?

This study interrogates the breakages that occur in peoples’ lives such as psychological breakdowns, political ruptures, and the effects of history evolving ideologically such that the axioms of the past are overturned and people subsequently lose their sense of identity or purpose. The book combines creative writing pieces in whic...

Where Agnon and Jung Meet

S. Y. Agnon is Israel’s most celebrated author and the only Israeli writer to have received the Noble Prize for Literature, which he received in 1966. His novels and short stories deal with the traditional Jewish way of life and its interaction with twentieth century European and Western living. This book uses Carl Gustav Jung’s th...

Aspects of Emotional Intelligence

Emotion is one of the most important aspects of the human personality. This book deals with the role of emotional intelligence in teacher trainees across the globe. It emphasizes how emotional intelligence affects the level of aspiration and self-concept of teacher trainees, and shows that emotional intelligence is an important asp...

Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy in Theory and Practice

This volume makes a tremendous contribution to the field of expressive arts therapy through its presentation of clear and profound theoretical bases to a relatively new profession in the domain of psychotherapy. It applies comprehensive, in-depth psychological knowledge to practical cases which shed light on clinical interventions ...
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Story by Story

This volume brings together two authors, one a psychiatrist, one a philosopher, to listen to one another’s reading of five stories of what it’s like to bear a different mental or physical illness. The beginning story, or anchor, for the conversation that unfolds between them is that of a person subject to recurring spells of catato...
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