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The broad nature of research in psychology is reflected in Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s extensive and varied list of some of the best psychology books, which offer titles of interest to researchers, teachers, practitioners and historians. Both single-authored monographs and edited collections from leading academic conferences present diverse insights from contributors world-wide.  With a particular strength in applied psychology, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing portfolio also spans wider topics including cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, and social and criminal psychology.

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Theory and Structure in Addiction and Cure

This book will be of value to everyone interested in the prevention of addiction and the detection, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. It interprets and applies research findings about the causation and cure of drug addiction using the author’s personality theory which is extensively compared with that of other personolo...

Health and Safety for Spirit Seers, Telepaths and Visionaries

This book provides a much-needed, positive, hopeful and holistic perspective on how to cope with schizophrenia. While 51 million people in the world are afflicted with this illness, self-help books on the topic are not in ample supply, and those that do exist are often very dark in outlook. This volume combines knowledge from previ...

Milieus of ReMemory

Milieus of ReMemory concentrates on how people in Lebanon situate and work on memories of violence and trauma, as well as exchanges of voice. Developing a critical phenomenology of social material practices, a relational notion of community and subjectivity outlines thematic discussions of intergenerational memory, gender, temporal...

Script and Addiction

Addiction to alcohol and other substances is a growing problem today. The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps Programme is the standard method for treating addictions, and defines an ordered program which, if completed, should break the addiction. However, the level of success here is low. Two main problems in this regard are the failure...

Sound Worlds from the Body to the City

This volume reveals the extent to which aural perception influences our spatial awareness. Spanning various fields and practices, from psychology to geography, and from zoology to urban planning, it covers a range of environments in which sounds contribute to forming our sense of space and place. The contributions gathered here lea...

Music Performance Anxiety

Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) has been proven to affect many individuals, independent of age, gender, experience and hours of practice. This book provides an excellent and updated review of the literature on the topic, including concept, epidemiology, methodical aspects and interventional studies. Suggestions of the correct use o...

Coming of Age in Films

The story of films is the story of human development. From the very first story that defined the birth of our civilization—the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, a story of immortality, aging and death—comes a tale of why we age. We are a species of storytellers. The stories we tell to each other define who we are. However, since we are l...

Handbook for Theory, Research, and Practice in Gestalt Therapy (2nd Edition)

This is a true second edition, so much so that it approaches being a different book. It includes among its new authors some of the most sought-after theorists in contemporary gestalt therapy. There is a section on the philosophy of science, research and research methodology, and one devoted to gestalt therapy and its teaching and r...

MINDFlow, the Path to Mindfulness-in-flow in Relationships, Work and Home Life

This innovative book combines two very special states of awareness—“mindfulness” and “flow”—into a new and unique state called “mindflow”. The practice of mindflow leads to a stress-free, healthy, fulfilling and effective life in today’s complex and challenging environment.It brings together current understanding and research of mi...

The Otherworld in Myth, Folklore, Cinema, and Brain Science

This volume explores a dimension of reality usually scoffed at by rational-thinking individuals living in modern industrialized societies, but still experienced by these same individuals when they are in a stage of sleep known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep; this is the stage in which vivid and bizarre dreams are a person’s livi...

The Real Stories behind Honour Killing

Honour killing, as it is widely understood, is the cold-blooded murder of a woman or a man involved with her, by the male members of her household in order to cleanse the reputation of the family, clan, community or tribe. This violent tradition in the name of religion, custom and culture continues to be carried out in a significan...

The Roots of Visual Depiction in Art

Why ancient humans first began to represent animals is a question that has led to a bewildering number of theories since cave art was discovered in the 19th century. Drawing on insights from visual science, evolution, and art theory, the book takes the reader on a unique and intriguing journey showing how the development of visual ...
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