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The broad nature of research in psychology is reflected in Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s extensive and varied list of some of the best psychology books, which offer titles of interest to researchers, teachers, practitioners and historians. Both single-authored monographs and edited collections from leading academic conferences present diverse insights from contributors world-wide.  With a particular strength in applied psychology, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing portfolio also spans wider topics including cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, and social and criminal psychology.

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Personal Construct Psychology at 60

The 60th anniversary of the publication of George Kelly’s The Psychology of Personal Constructs was marked, in 2015, by the 21st International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology. His two volume work set out personal construct theory as a radical new approach to psychology. Although Kelly was a clinical psychologist, personal...

Proceedings of the First International Colin Wilson Conference

When the archive of the English philosopher and polymath Colin Wilson (1931–2013) was opened at the University of Nottingham, UK, in the summer of 2011, it was agreed among those present that a Conference should be arranged there to discuss his work. 2016 was mooted as an appropriate date coinciding with the sixtieth anniversary of...

Remembering Home in a Time of Mobility

Memory, nostalgia and melancholy have attracted considerable scholarly attention in recent decades. Numerous critics of globalisation, transnationalism and cosmopolitanism have posited an overwhelming feeling of homelessness not only among people who have been displaced from their original home/lands, but also among those who feel ...

Mental Illnesses in Symbolism

For the artists, writers and musicians of the Symbolist Movement of the turn of the century, true art, an extension of one’s “soul” or unconscious, was often regarded as dark, mysterious and unreliable – the world of Dionysus. Such artists, writers and musicians searched for symbols to express or suggest psychological pathologies m...

Environmental Attitudes and Awareness

Environmental problems of pollution and degradation are a major source of concern globally. At all levels, efforts are being made to protect and preserve the environment from further deterioration. Measures are being taken at international, national and regional levels by governments and organisations to spread the awareness and co...

Effects of Interpersonal Relationships on Shared Reminiscence

You rely on your memories for who you are as a person, where you have been, and what you have experienced in your life to date. But, what if it turned out that these memories that you hold closely aren’t your memories at all? What if they were someone else’s memories?This book documents the results of a research project investigati...

Myth and Emotions

The emotive nature of myth lays the foundation of the research proposed for this trilingual volume. The book provides a thorough and multifaceted study that offers guidelines and models capable of interpreting mythical-emotional phenomena. It represents a major contribution to a more informed understanding of an important part of t...

Twenty-First Century Leadership for EU Institutions

This book explores the type of leadership needed to transform EU Institutions to allow them to truly serve Europe’s people. Our world today calls for leaders who are connected to themselves, know how to unleash the potential of others and build organisations that serve people’s needs, and are stewards of society. The path towards t...

The Intimacy of Consciousness Exploration and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

This volume brings together a group of transpersonal psychotherapists and spiritual teachers to tell of their own very personal and intimate explorations of consciousness.What has the experience of “coming home” meant to them? Has it meant connecting with God, the Divine Feminine, the Cosmos, the Sacred? Has it meant arriving at ho...
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Narcissism and Sexuality

Everyone, by virtue of possessing a psychology and being a child, embodies narcissistic tendencies. Not everyone, however, is narcissistically wounded. A narcissistic wound can manifest in many expressions, from personality dysfunctions to rage. This book differentiates between a severe narcissistic disorder and a narcissistic woun...
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The Influence of Teacher-Student Relationships and Feedback on Students' Engagement with Learning

This book presents a potential hierarchy between the three basic psychological needs central to Self-Determination Theory (SDT). Findings from the author’s research suggest that the motivation to exercise autonomy is an outcome that is cumulatively influenced by the perceived quality of the teacher-student relationship and students...

Social, Cultural, and Psychological Resonance in John B. Keane’s The Field

This book explores the drama of John B. Keane and focuses on his best-known play, The Field, in an examination of the cultural and psychological resonances present in his work. From the changing social, political, and economic contexts of the play’s genesis, to present-day austerity and malaise, The Field remains a popular and rele...
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