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Reviews for The NNEST Lens

“One unique aspect of this volume is the breadth of contributors and topics covered. . . . [T]hese contributions collectively show that NNEST issues are one of the central concerns that affect every aspect of the field (from theory to research to practice) and that the NNEST lens allows us to move toward a deeper and more nuanced understanding of what the field is about. . . . This book itself is an innovative and illuminating example of how linguistic varieties can be respected and embraced within the umbrella of ‘academic English’ without compromising the work’s contribution to the field.”
—Aya Matsuda
“In its relatively short history, the NNEST movement has shown us how to be better teachers, more respectful colleagues, and fairer employers. The NNEST Lens further expands the scope of NNEST research and challenges long established assumptions, causing us to reconsider notions of norms and voice, and indeed how we should teach English as it continues to be claimed by diverse users for diverse purposes. Mahboob has made a significant contribution to the field.”
—Brock Brady, President 2010–2011, TESOL
“Over the years, Ahmar Mahboob has made a lasting contribution to the non-native speaker movement. His doctoral dissertation titled ‘Status of non-native English-speaking teachers in the United States’ was one of the first to explore the non-native speaker issue in English language teaching, and he later became an energetic Chair of the Non-native Speaker Caucus within the TESOL organization. Now, with the publication of the The NNEST Lens, Mahboob has made another significant contribution to the non-native speaker movement. The anthology consists of both research studies and critical essays and provides an opportunity for both experienced and novice scholars to contribute to a common cause. For years to come, The NNEST Lens will prove to be a valuable resource for researchers and scholars in applied linguistics.”
—Prof. George Braine, Chinese University of Hong Kong
“A quality item has been added to an ever-growing collection of books and papers on this topic.”
—Prof Peter Medgyes, Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest
“This study adds a unique dimension to our understanding of student perceptions by applying appraisal analysis to student narratives. Appraisal analysis provides a mean for not only capturing student evaluative attitudes but also the linguistic construction of those attitudes.”
—Bryan Meadows, Assistance Professor for Applied, Linguistic at University of Texas, The Linguistic Journal 2011
“This book provides a solid review of critical issues in the field, and as such it achieves its purpose of re-examining and questioning—through the NNEST lens—some of the common practices in TESOL, applied linguistics, and World Englishes. . . . Mahboob should be complimented for having compiled a volume that makes the reader explore and question beliefs, assumptions, and conjectures in the field, and that tries to encourage and stimulate equity among TESOL practitioners worldwide. As such, this volume will be a valuable resource for graduate students, teachers, and any professional in TESOL or applied linguistics.”
—Joshua Gordon, Indiana University, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 34:3, September 2012, pp. 518-519, p. 519