First appearing in 1903, this was perhaps the first truly well-balanced account of Chopin as a man and Chopin as a composer, in English. The author describes Chopin's life and activities from his early days in Warsaw to the days he spent in London, Paris, Vienna, and elsewhere. The author gives accounts of the enthusiasm with which Chopin's works were received, early reviews, Chopin's own reactions to the places he visited and the people he saw, and much more.

Also included are numerous letters, a bibliography, a list of Chopin's published works (at the time of writing), and an index.

Although there is no shortage of biographies of Chopin, the present book was written at a time of heightened interest, and is full of the vigour and passion which reveal a more honest perception of the effect the composer has on audiences worldwide than many scholarly accounts do today. Certainly a must for the enthusiast of Chopin, and without doubt a great way for the newcomer to get to know the details about the man behind the music.


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