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Enriching the Lives of Children: Creating Meaningful and Novel Stimulus Experiences to Promote Cognitive, Moral and Emotional Development

Enriching the Lives of Children: Creating Meaningful and Novel Stimulus Experiences to Promote Cognitive, Moral and Emotional Development

Enriching the Lives of Children is an exploration of innovations in teaching and learning. The book reflects scholarship, synthesis and creativity as the author reviews decades of research and practice on educational and instructional reforms designed to enrich learning and life for children, through novel and stimulating experiences.

The author reminds readers of the early notions of learning coming from such great thinkers as Aristotle, Husserl, Vygotsky, Piaget and Bruner; and, the parallels to the thinking of modern constructivist philosophers and teachers today. Teaching for meaning and constructing knowledge and understanding is important. Providing enriching, novel and stimulating instructional and supportive experiences is essential for successful learning and holistic development.

The author presents theoretical propositions about the need for authentic pedagogy and whole child development. Moreover, findings reveal that learning does not take place as a separate and isolated event. Brain, body and the developmental domains work together. Attention also is given to the nature and relationship of creativity to learning and development; and, particularly the contributions of play. Interesting suggestions and models from around the world are provided about children’s learning and enrichment, within and outside of the classroom.

As a leading scholar and interdisciplinary expert in education, psychology and learning environments across the lifespan, King provides a service to educators, parents and those interested in child development by synthesizing volumes of research into a coherent whole, with excellent suggestive strategies that can be used in educating and raising children.

Theoretical insights and strategies found in this book will improve the academy of teaching and learning and serve as a useful resource for educational and childcare professionals, policymakers and parents. For those that care about the future of our children and education, Enriching the Lives of Children is essential reading.

Rosalyn M. King is Professor of Psychology on the Loudoun campus of Northern Virginia Community College. She is Chair of the Virginia Community College System’s Northern Virginia Region, Center for Teaching Excellence.

With an interdisciplinary background in psychology, education, anthropology, and sociology, she is trained in educational and research psychology and ethnography. King has a wide and varied range of experiences in different settings which include: community-based organizations; elementary, secondary and higher education; federal, state and local government; consulting firms; and, research and policy centers. Work has been performed in the areas of program development, research and evaluation, planning and social policy, college counseling and therapy, and teaching and administration.

“International comparisons, national test scores and parental anecdotes all indicate the same thing: America’s educational system is stagnating. And that stagnation threatens our ability to compete globally. In Enriching the Lives of Children, Dr. Rosalyn King gives us a much needed starting point for talking about what’s needed to elevate our approach to teaching.”
—Glenn DuBois, Ph.D., Chancellor, Virginia’s Community Colleges

“Pendulum swings in education are sometimes hard to see until after they have swung. Rosalyn King detects that there may, finally, be the beginning of a swing back from the grim pursuit of higher test scores to a more balanced, humane, and vital approach to education emphasizing creative learning and exploration. Professor King samples theory and research widely, including new brain research, and summarizes numerous exciting, stimulating programs from around the world for students of all ages. Truth be told, Professor King is pushing that pendulum for all she's worth, and one can only hope she succeeds in reversing momentum; the children of the world are counting on it.”
—David Henry Feldman, Ph.D., Professor, Tufts University, Author: Beyond Universals in Cognitive Development

"Dr. Rosalyn King has provided the educational community with a pedagogical and insightful approach to enriching the lives of students. Both professors and their students will find her book extremely useful and practical when teaching or learning how to teach. I am very excited to have such a powerful resource to recommend to other professionals."

—Catherine Stower, Ph.D., NCC, LMHC, Headmaster, Academy Schools, WA

“This is an excellent guide for teachers and educators of teachers who seek to nurture children's full possibilities. During a period of extensive testing which narrows our vision of human potential and of the teacher's role, Dr. Rosalyn King opens the vistas for whole child development, validating varied approaches, enriching strategies, and multiple
experiences. Her book expands our thinking about dynamic modes of fostering learning.”
—Susan Riemer Sacks, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, Barnard College, Columbia University

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