Meeting the Information Challenge: The Experience of Africa

Meeting the Information Challenge: The Experience of Africa

Africa faces serious challenges in the world of globalisation. One of the most serious and basic of these challenges is that of information and communication technologies. Meeting the range of social, economic and political goals in the contemporary world requires the meeting of the information challenge. This volume - primarily the product of a specialist meeting at Cornell University - provides both overview and detail on how this challenge can be and is being met.

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Margaret Grieco is Salaried Visiting Full Professor at the Institute for African Development at Cornell University and Professor of Transport and Society at Napier University. Amongst previous appointments, she has held the position of Professor of Sociology at the University of Ghana and Social Scientist in the Africa Region of the World Bank. She holds her doctorate on Information Networks from the University of Oxford. She has published extensively on transport, society and telecommunications with a particular focus on development and has advised both local and national governments and international agencies within this field.

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