Non-Linear Response Theory and Hydrodynamics of Charged and Neutral Media

Non-Linear Response Theory and Hydrodynamics of Charged and Neutral Media

This book develops a theory of the nonlinear response of densely charged and neutral media to electric and electromagnetic fields and gradients of hydrodynamic variables. It considers phenomena related to the nonlinear response of the media to plasma echo, transformation of waves, and parametric and second harmonic generation of radiation, and determines exact expressions and calculation methods for Burnett transport coefficients describing heat, mass, momentum and charge flows. It also discusses the use of transport coefficients in hydrodynamic tasks outside the framework of Euler’s theorem on homogeneous functions. It analyses in detail the thermal regimes calculated using linear and non-linear transport coefficients in the cavity of a gas-phase nuclear reactor, and in the shock layer of a spacecraft moving in the atmosphere of Mars during a soft landing on the planet. The book will appeal to researchers, as well as postgraduate and undergraduate students, working and specializing in the field of physics and gas dynamics of densely charged and neutral media characterized by chemical reactions.

George Pavlov is a Leading Researcher at the Federal Research Center of Problems of Chemical Physics and Medicinal Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and is a specialist in physics and hydrodynamics of densely charged media with a high concentration of energy, high-temperature gas dynamics, chemical kinetics, and gas-phase nuclear reactors. He is the author of more than 100 scientific papers and several books, including Transport Processes in Plasma with Strong Coulomb Interaction (1995; 2000; 2019).

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